8 October 2020

10 Reasons Why People Who Love to Travel Should Try This Fitness App

Travel is a wonderful thing. It enables us to broaden our perspective, meet people from different cultures, and experience new places. It can infinitely enrich our lives, but this shouldn't come at a cost to our health. Let's look at how to stay fit when traveling and how to do an outdoor workout easily, wherever you decide to go next.

How Does Regular Travel Impact Health?

The jet setting lifestyle may seem glamourous and exciting, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to see the world so easily. But there are health dangers to regular travel. Here are the top three:

1: Frequent Air Travel

Firstly, if you travel by airplane regularly, you are exposed to many potential health risks. The air on a plane is around 20% humidity, making it dryer than the Sahara Desert (25% humidity). This lack of moisture dehydrates the body and for frequent flyers that can lead to chronic dehydration.

Additional health risks of regular air travel include circulatory issues, overexposure to cosmic radiation, and chronic jet lag. These factors increase your risk of chronic illnesses such as cancer, gastrointestinal problems, liver issues, and deep vein thrombosis.

2: Poor Nutrition

Plane food isn't the most nutritious option for your body, and neither is the plethora of fast food outlets available at the airport or on the road. It is crucial to plan ahead and pack plenty of nutritionally balanced snacks for a long journey.

Also, I like to research my destination to ensure I know the healthiest places to eat because once I arrive after a long trip, I'm usually too tired to do the research. Having an idea of where I can go to get a healthy meal means I don't need to fall back on unwise food choices when traveling.

3: Lack of Exercise

People who frequently travel for work or pleasure can find themselves without regular access to a gym. With all of the other potential health risks of frequent travel, it is essential to make exercise a priority, no matter where in the world you are.

While exercise cannot completely mitigate the risks, it can help your body to be fit and healthy so that the dangers to your health are significantly reduced.

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The Best App for Exercising Anywhere

I have found that the best way for me to stay fit and active while traveling is to use a fitness app, and the best one I've tried is 30 Day Fitness. It works so well because all I need is the app and my body. A yoga mat is nice to have but not 100% necessary. As long as I have roughly the space of a yoga mat, then I can do my workout.

My favorite thing about using the app is that I can do an outdoor workout no matter where I am in the world. If you travel lots and enjoy an outdoor workout like me, then this app might be the thing for you. It makes my trips away so much healthier.

I head to the local park with my phone, water bottle, and wireless earbuds, and enjoy a fantastic personalized workout on my 30 Day Fitness app. I've even been known to do a workout on my hotel balcony before!

Sustainability and Cost

If you're worried about the unsustainability and cost of regular travel, then using this app is an excellent option for you since it is super eco-friendly and great value.

Sustainable Fitness Equipment

Exercising with an app uses very little electricity, and all you need is your body as all the resistance training is done using your own bodyweight. Of course, you can purchase sustainable fitness equipment that is portable, for example, biodegradable yoga mats, bamboo or hemp straps, etc. But with the 30 Day Fitness App, it really is not necessary. I have achieved great results with the app's guidance using only my own body - the most sustainable fitness equipment there is!

Sustainable Pricing

The cost of a gym membership in one location is costly enough, but when you try to gain access to gyms in different locations that are not part of the same company, the price can get crazy. Or, if you're anything like me before I found the app, I'd choose hotels based on whether or not they had a gym, which meant I often paid a lot more for my accommodation. Fortunately, now I don't need gym access, and the money I save covers the cost of the app and some lovely treats while I'm away.

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10 Reasons Why People Who Love to Travel Should Try This App

Let's sum up everything we've discussed about fitness, health, travel, and the app into a neat list and look at the ten reasons you'll love this app if you're a frequent traveler.

  1. It makes exercise easily accessible, no matter where you are in the world.
  2. You will reduce the health risks of regular travel if you exercise regularly
  3. You don't need a costly gym membership or a hotel with a gym.
  4. You can easily do an outdoor workout in the park or even on your balcony or roof terrace.
  5. You don't need much space - an area the size of a yoga mat will do.
  6. Working out using an app is eco-friendly as you use minimal resources.
  7. You use the most sustainable fitness equipment there is - your body.
  8. Professional personal trainers design the workouts, and there are different levels from beginner to advanced.
  9. Working out with the app provides the same results as a gym session, and it takes less time.
  10. The app personalizes your workouts to your fitness level and goals.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the importance of exercise while you're on the road and have learned how to stay fit when traveling. I hope this information inspires you to build a regular workout routine into your travel plans and that you get to find out how much fun it is exercising with the 30 Day Fitness app. Happy, healthy travels!

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