14 October 2020

Crossfit Terms Explained

Crossfit is one of the exercises out there that people love. It is high adrenaline, fast speed and gets results. However, for those who are new to Crossfit, they may find that the terms used in this program can be a bit alarming...it is almost like a foreign language. That is why for those who are entering into this program, you need to make sure that you understand these popular terms!


It sounds like a strange acronym of an organization, but it actually stands for “As many repetition as possible” or “As many rounds as possible”. This is often used when you talking about doing some exercise in a set period of time.

Bacon Sizzle

This is an action from those who have been working out. Bacon sizzle refers to when someone rolls around post workouts, and they are unable to find a comfortable position because their muscle groups are hurting from their workout!


BW refers to your body weight. If you are asked how is your BW? This means that they are likely referring to not only your weight but the body to mass index that you have.

CTB or C2B

A big exercise in Crossfit is pull ups as this works the chest muscles. However, they do not say pull ups they often called these CTB’s or C2B’s. This stands for Chest to Bar.


The term GHD refers to as “Glute-Hamstring Developer”. This is going to be used when talking about a certain exercise that is working on the hamstring and glute muscles.


Don’t be surprised if you hear someone say, “How is your ROM?” ROM stands for “range of motion”.


This is often abbreviated as UB. And it means to perform all in a row or start over at the beginning. With this term, you may hear someone shout out to do this exercise unbroken.

For those who are new to Crossfit, they are going to find that there are even more terms that are associated with this workout. However, these few terms should get you started. Those who are great at Crossfit often are referred to as “beast” or even a “Crossfitter”. While this is a whole world of its own when it comes to the language, you will find that this is a workout that is going to really work you over and help you get results.

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