11 September 2020

Exercise for Digestion: What you Need to Know

There are many people out there who have digestion issues. So much so, that they may consider not eating certain foods, which if they are intolerance or allergic is often the best choice. However, there are those who exercise for their digestive muscles and find that they can get ahead of the digestion issues that they are having. While it doesn’t work for everyone, especially if they are dealing with a serious issue, exercising for digestion is something that most everyone can benefit from in other ways as well.

How Long To Wait For Food to Digest Before Exercises

The time that you should wait to exercise to aid in digestion is going to vary according to what you have eaten. For example, if this was a light snack, then you only have to wait around 30 minutes for digestion. However, if you ate a larger meal, then you may need to wait around two to four hours, especially if this was a carb heavy meal.

3 Exercises for Digestion

To aid in digestion, you will find that there are plenty of exercises that you can do. For those who are wanting to put exercise into your daily life, here are 3 exercise that are sure to get you moving and help with your overall digestion.

1: Walking

While you may not want to walk after you eat a big meal, this is something that you need to do. It doesn’t have to be a long distance. Many people find that walking about ten to twenty minutes after eating is going to help them tremendously.

2: Yoga

Yoga may not be considered an exercise by some, but for others it is. Whatever you consider it, you will find that it is great for digestion help. There are several poses that are meant to aid in digestion specifically, so that is something to consider. These poses include: knees to chest, wide squat, child’s pose, one legged seated spinal pose and seated heart opener. All are meant to help with digestion.

3: Bodyweight exercises

Any type of body weight exercise is good for the digestive system. However, do not use heavy weights. Instead, use light weights. What can you do? You will find that doing a few push ups, sit ups and other exercises that use your body weight rather than heavy weights is a good start. Many people even find that using small ankle or wrist weights while working is a great start.

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