7 October 2020

Group Fitness Class: 6 Reasons to Try It

Lots of people want to get in shape and start living a healthier lifestyle, but the world of fitness is an intimidating one. Maybe you see ads with people who are skinny and perfectly toned and you don't know where to start. Maybe, you simply have no motivation to workout. Or, perhaps your budget is tight and gym memberships/personal trainers are too expensive.
Whatever the reason may be, it's easy to become dejected and feel like giving up before you've even started. First of all, it's important to know you're not alone. Second, know that there are other options that might be easier for you. Many who are new to working out try group fitness classes.

Group training is often an easier way to start, and it comes with many benefits you simply won't experience if you try to go it alone. 

6 Reasons to Try Group Fitness Classes

Below is a list of some main reasons to try group personal training. The list is not exhaustive, though it highlights the biggest rewards you'll reap from joining a group and doing it together. 

You Motivate Each Other

Often, one of the biggest deterrents is that people have no motivation to workout. In this case, group training is, perhaps, the best thing you can do.

Being with a group, especially if it's the same group all the time, allows you to motivate each other in real-time. Especially as you grow closer and form friendships, you can offer each other help, encouragement, tips, and more.

Plus, it's way more fun to work out with a group! Fitness Squads is a program offered by 30 Day Fitness and it will set you up with a squad of like-minded individuals who have the same goals as you - to get in shape and have fun doing it. You'll have a circle of enthusiastic support and you can chase your goals together. 

You're More Likely to go to a Scheduled Workout

Another struggle many face is the lack of structure. So you have a gym membership, great! You can go anytime you want!

And yet, so many people don't go regularly. This is often due to poor planning, feeling overwhelmed, being shy or self-conscious, or just being lazy.

When your workouts are scheduled, you're much more likely to attend and complete them each week. Especially when they're at the same time each week, you'll create a routine in no time. 

It Keeps You Accountable

Besides motivating each other, you'll keep each other accountable. If you're trying to go to the gym or complete workouts by yourself at home, no one will care if you skip a day, and another, and another...

But, when you're part of a group, they'll know when you don't show up! This alone is enough to keep a lot of people coming. If it's not, ask a few other group members to actively keep you accountable. This can be done by sending you reminders the day before, or following up if you do miss a session. 

Easy to Understand 

Working out isn't just about throwing some weights around and calling it a day. To make real, lasting progress, you must workout in the right way. This means doing the right movements, the right amount of reps, maintaining proper form, etc.

This is extremely difficult on your own. With a guided group training class, exercises are laid out step by step for everyone and you'll have someone there to correct any mistakes you make.

Not only do group fitness classes make things easier to understand, but Fitness Squads makes it personal. Once your coach gets to know you, they'll provide you with personalized tips for your specific fitness journey. From there, they'll also create a personalized plan for you to move forward with, based on your needs and goals.

Not only do they make the exercises easy to understand, but they make the entire process feel safe, personal, and most of all - doable! Many often wonder - how do fitness apps work? - and this is part of how they work. Fitness apps like 30 Day Fitness are there to help you better understand what you're getting into through proper instruction and easily navigated features. 

You'll Learn From Each Other 

Group fitness classes are filled with a diverse group of people with unique skills and experience levels. When you all get working together, you'll learn a little something from everyone. Maybe it's a new stretch, a good weight loss strategy, a new smoothie recipe, a better way to motivate yourself - the possibilities are endless.

It's Cheaper

Group training classes, in any form, are always cheaper than a personal trainer and are often just as effective. In fact, a program like Fitness Squads from 30 Day Fitness is even cheaper than a basic gym membership!

For anyone on a budget, it doesn't get much better than that - save money and experience all the amazing things a group can give you. 

The Challenge With Group Training

There are so many amazing benefits to group personal training, and for many, it's the most effective way for them to get in shape. But, it's not without its challenges.

The major challenge with group fitness classes is the danger of comparing yourself to others. You'll have a wide range of diverse people in your group, and some might be farther ahead than you. Or, you might become jealous of how someone else looks.

You can't do that. Comparing yourself to everyone else isn't healthy. If you're going to participate in group fitness, you must go into it with the right attitude and perspective, and not focus on anyone else but yourself. 

Find Your Squad

If you previously had no motivation to work out, now is the time to dive into group personal training with 30 Day Fitness and our amazing Fitness Squads. You'll be paired with people just like yourself who will quickly become your partners throughout the fitness journey you embark on together.

Led by your personal coach, your group will work together, laugh together, and ultimately, get fit together in the best way.

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