7 October 2020

How to Recover Faster From a Workout

When it comes to working out, you will find that it can put a lot of strain on your muscles. Which it is supposed to do, since you are trying to make your muscles stronger. However, what happens when you are trying to recover? Many people find that after a workout, their muscles hurt for days on end. You will find that this pain is something that can make you almost feel as if you have the flu.

The good news is that you can do certain things that are going to help you to recover faster and feel better...which will allow you to work out and see results without the pain lasting long. It is possible to recover faster from a workout, you just have to make some slight changes into how you are doing things.

Can muscles recover in 24 hours?

Can you feel better 24 hours after a workout? There are going to be several people who say that there is no way that this can happen. However, you can help the muscles to recover during the first 24 hours so that you are not in a ton of pain. The key is that you are going to want to do certain things within 24 hours after your workout to get the most benefit to your muscles and recover faster.

How can I recover faster after a workout?

If you have been working out, then you know that you are going to feel the next day...and maybe even the next. The key is to do certain things in order to recover faster than what you would do on your own naturally. The good news is that these are things that you can do that are not going to change your routine a lot... in fact they may be rather easy to integrate into your post workout routine.

  1. Get more sleep! You will find that after a hard workout, the better sleep you can get that next night is going to make you feel better. Aim to get a good night's sleep the night of your workout and you will find that your muscles are going to get the amount of rest that they need.

2. Eat protein before you go to sleep. You will find that the protein that you eat is going to help heal any tears in the muscles that have happened from your workout. Eat a light, rich protein snack that will allow your muscles to repair while you are getting a good night's sleep.

3. Eat protein at breakfast the following morning. When you do this you are going to find that this is going to help the muscles to keep rebuilding and has the added bonus of reducing the chances that you eat snacks throughout the day.

4. Drink some cherry juice after your lifting session. Tart cherry juice has been shown to help with the swelling that occurs when the muscles are damaged, allowing the body to recover faster and with much less pain.

5. Stay hydrated! You have lost a lot of water during your workout, so be sure that you hydrate afterwards and keep your water intake up.

6. Take a cold shower. This can help with reducing the soreness and inflammation that you have after an intense workout...which is a big part of the recovery process.

  1. Compression garments are something that many hard core workout junkies love and for good reason as they have been proven to decrease the muscle recovery time.

For those who are working out and do not want to hassle with the painful recovery, these tips can help.

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