17 October 2020

Medicine Ball Workouts for Beginners

When a person thinks about working out, they often think of lifting weights and running on a treadmill. And that has been the way that many people have worked out for years. However, more and more people are looking at medicine balls now. The reason being is that medicine balls can be a great way to get an all-in-one workout without going to the gym.

Are Medicine Balls Worth It?

They are definitely worth investing into. They can make a simple exercise that much harder and beneficial to your body. They should be a regular staple in your home gym.

What Weight Medicine Ball Should a Beginner Use?

Medicine balls come in various weights. These are often between four and fifteen pounds. For those who are beginners, they should aim for a 4 to 6 pound ball for women, while men may need to go an 7 to 10 pound ball to get the most out of the medicine ball.

3 Medicine Ball Exercises for Beginners

For those who are beginners, there are several exercises out there that use medicine balls in them to get you an even better workout. What is great about these workouts is that they are usual positions that people have used, with the addition of the medicine ball to add more resistance to the exercise itself.

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1: Squat to Press

Perform a regular squat, but as you raise your body back to the standing position, raise the medicine ball over your head. Then lower the ball back to your chest level when you are standing. Repeat this for however many reps you want to do.

2: Sit Ups

Get into the regular sit up position, but instead of putting your hands to the side or behind your head, you will want to hold the medicine ball against your chest. Now, perform the sit-up, all the while keeping your hands on the medicine ball. The ball is going to act as a way to engage your core even more.

3: Push ups

Get into the regular push up position, but then put the medicine ball on the floor, and use your hands on this instead of pressing up from the floor. This is going to work your legs and arms like are regular push up, but since you are putting your hands on the ball instead of the floor it is going to make your core work even more.

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