5 October 2020

The Best Home Fitness App to Help You Smash Your #BodyGoals

Listen up, ladies. I want to share a fitness secret with you that has helped me enormously on my bikini body quest. But first, I have a confession to make. I hate the gym. It's sweaty, noisy, too busy, and too expensive. I am one of those gym users who starts with all the right intentions but soon runs out of steam, and I am left with a hefty monthly payment for something I no longer use.

Nevertheless, I still had my #bodygoals! I wanted to find effective exercises to lose belly fat as that's my problem area. Like most people these days, I am super busy, so I needed a fun and simple fitness routine to fit around my work and family commitments.

Best Home Fitness App

I had heard about home fitness apps but was reticent to try one because I thought it would be boring and a bit lonely. But, I decided to take the plunge and give them a go, and I'm so glad I did. Out of all the apps I've tried, the best home fitness app, in my opinion, is 30 Day Fitness.

The Problem with Home Workouts

There are many reasons why people don't reach their fitness goals with home workouts. Let's explore the most common causes and my top tips to combat them.

1: Boredom

The reason most people quit a home workout regime is that they get bored. It is too easy to get stuck in a rut with your exercise routine and lose motivation.

My advice to combat this issue and make sure you stick to your workout schedule is to choose a home fitness app with a wide variety of workouts. I have tried some apps in the past where I felt like I was doing the same workout repeatedly. Needless to say, I didn't last very long with those. I need exercise to be fun and varied to keep me engaged.

I never get bored working out with the 30 Day Fitness app because there are 97 different exercises (including exercises to lose belly fat) and over 400 workouts. Plus, I adore the exciting 30-day challenges, such as my favorite: Belly Fat Blast! I also love the Goddess challenge. These challenges give easy fitness results because you exercise daily for 15 minutes. They are excellent for building a workout habit. 

2: Accountability

People also give up on their home workout goals because it can feel like you don't have anyone to share your progress with. I have certainly experienced this issue. To address this potential pitfall, I recommend the following:

  • Workout with a friend - even if you're not physically together, set a schedule where you both exercise at the same time. This simple act creates accountability for you both, and you will be much more likely to stick to your routine and smash those #bodygoals. Bonus points if you are on video call together while you work out!
  • Blog about your fitness challenge - again, accountability is the magic ingredient here. You will not want to disappoint your followers, friends, and family, which will motivate you to keep going.
  • Share your progress on social media - if blogging isn't your thing, you can make a public commitment on social media, stating how many days a week you will exercise, what your goal is, and when you plan to reach it. With the 30 Day Fitness app, you can share a screenshot of your completed workouts direct to social media. Plus, if you use Instagram, you can have fun using the customized stickers. Who doesn't love stickers, right?

3: Time

Another reason people quit their home workouts is lack of time. They think they have to do 30-60 minutes several times a week to see results. I am here to tell you that's not true. I have achieved fabulous results with a simple fitness routine of 15-20 minutes, three times a week.

The 30 Day Fitness app is designed by professional personal trainers to give you easy fitness results. And if you're up for a 30-day challenge, prepare to be amazed at the change in your body shape. You can achieve excellent results in less time than a traditional gym routine, and you don't waste time traveling to and from the gym.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

If you have similar goals and issues as me, I 100% recommend you check out the 30 Day Fitness app. It has 49 awesome exercises to lose belly fat and three 30-day challenges that target this common female problem area:

  • Belly Fat Blast (my favorite)
  • Flat Belly
  • Hourglass Waist

I haven't tried Hourglass Waist challenge yet, but it's next on my list. I want to try all of the challenges. There are 11 in total, almost enough to fill an entire year of non-stop exercise.

Here are a couple of my favorite exercises to lose belly fat. I have taken these from the app. Repeat each exercise for three sets of 12-15 reps.

Core Scissors

  • Lay on your back with your legs extended and arms by your sides, palms down
  • Raise both legs to a 45-degree angle 
  • Cross your legs right over left then left over right in a scissoring motion

Hello Darlings

  • Begin in the same position as for the Core Scissors exercise
  • Raise both legs to a 45-degree angle 
  • Instead of crossing your legs over each other, open them as far as you can and bring them back together

Knee Tuck Jumps

  • Adds a bit of cardio, which is essential for burning belly fat
  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, arms by your sides
  • Bend your knees slightly and lower into a half squat
  • Drive down through your heels to jump as high as you can
  • As you enter the air, pull your knees up toward your chest 
  • Raise your arms in front of you to get them out the way of your knees
  • Land with bent knees to minimize any risk of impact

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found my experience helpful. If you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or have any other type of fitness goal, give the 30 Day Fitness app a try. It is the best home fitness app for me because it provides fun and simple fitness routines that save me time and help me smash my #bodygoals.

Natalie Heath

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