31 July 2020

Total Body Stretching Routine in 20 Minutes

Do you stretch before you start to work out? If not, you are at a higher risk of suffering from an injury. However, stretching your body even if you are not working out can be beneficial to those who are interested. It can really help you to feel better instead of suffering those small pains that you may suffer on a daily basis. And the good news is that you can stretch your entire body in 20 minutes with the right exercises.

Benefits of Stretching

There are several benefits to stretching. Most commonly, people know that they should do this before they exercise to help get their body warmed up and to avoid injury. However, there are several other benefits of stretching that are going to greatly help you overall.

1: Increases your flexibility

When you are more flexible you are going to find that you are going to feel better. And for those who are getting older, being more flexible can help you to avoid the reduced mobility that comes with age. For those who sit at a desk all day, be sure to stretch for flexibility to avoid the pain of sitting all day!

2: Increases range of motion

Having freedom of movement is something that not many of us think about on a daily basis. But, when you work on stretching you will find that you increase the range of motion, allowing you to do more without feeling it the next day.

3: Improves your physical performance

Whether you are working out or just going for a quick jog, when you stretch it can improve your performance with these physical activities.

4: Increases blood flow to your muscles

This can help to improve your circulation which is going to help relieve sore muscles, while also reducing recovery time in between workouts. Plus, if you have poor circulation this can be one way to help this.

5: Helps with your posture

Most people do not have the best posture out there. However, stretching can help to build up your muscles so that you are  not suffering with the back pain that comes with poor posture.

6: Can be great for stress relief

When you stretch all your muscles, you will be amazed at much better you feel since we carry stress in these muscles. A natural way to relieve stress that makes you feel ten times better! In addition, this can go a long way in helping to calm your mind of all those worries, anxiety and the like that you have going on.

Daily Full Body Stretching Routine: 7 Exercises

For those who are ready to feel all the benefits of stretching, be sure that you are doing these 7 exercises!

1: Child pose

Sit down on your heels and stretch your arms in front of you on the floor. Relax and deep breathe to let this flow through all your muscles.

2: Ab stretch

Lie face down and get into a push up position. Straighten your arms slowly, until you start to feel the abs pull, breathe and let the stretch happen.

3: Cat-cow stretch

Get on your hands knees, drop your head and round your back and neck by pulling the abs in. Hold this for a minute, then lift your head and round your back down towards the floor. Hold for another minute.

4: Hip stretch

Sit on the floor and bend your left knee, while crossing your left leg over the right. Place your left hand on the floor and rotate your upper body towards the left. Hold this in position and deep breathe. Then switch the sides and repeat.

5: Lower back stretch

Lie down on your back then pull your knees towards your chest slowly and hold this. Breathe and repeat if needed.

6: Clasp hand forward fold

Clasp your hands behind your back, rotate your hands and bend forward and raise your arms. You will feel the stretch in your biceps and chest.

7: Low lunge pose

Knell on your left leg and bend your right leg in front of you at a 90 degree angle. Then shift your weight forward and feel the left hip stretch. Hold this for 30 seconds. Then repeat the action on the opposite side of your body.

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