3 June 2020

Wearable Fitness Technology: What You Should Invest Your Money In

With all the fitness technology out there, it can be overwhelming to decide what you should invest your money into. However, the wearable fitness technology offers a ton of benefits to its wearer and can actually improve your workout and overall health. With this being said, take a look at what you should look for when it comes to wearable sports technology.

Wearable Sports Technology

When you look at the market, it seems to be saturated with tons of wearable fitness technology. So, what do you choose? Here are some guidelines for what to consider:

  1. Consider what you want the technology to do for you? There are those pieces that can tell you how long you have ran/walked, those that can monitor your heart rate, even those that monitor how well you are sleeping.
  2. How much do you want to spend? Luckily, wearable sports technology is not as expensive as when it first came out. There are tons of competitors that are producing affordable pieces that will fit any budget.
  3. Comfort level! You want to be comfortable when wearing this technology, so be sure that you take into consideration what is comfortable for you.
  4. Visual appeal. You want something that is going to be visually appealing, otherwise you may not wear it all. So consider what it looks like before buying.

Top Wearable Fitness Technology

Now that you know what to consider before buying, here are a few of the top technology out there that people are using.

  1. The Apple Watch with the fitness apps on it is one of the first on the market, and for this reason it is also one of those that is frequently purchased. The newest version has some huge health upgrades that can monitor heart rate, fitness level and so much more!
  2. Fitbit Versa: While not as popular as the Apple watch, there is still some things about this that people love, including the price!
  3. Amazfit Bip: This is offered by Amazon at a super affordable price that measures steps, among other types of fitness goals.
  4. Garmin Vivosport: This is one that has a sleek design, so it is visually appealing for many people.
  5. Fitbit Ionic: It will measure your steps, how many calories you have burned, heart rate and so much more!

Whatever technology that you choose, be sure that it fits your goals and is going to give you valuable information that will improve your workout!

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