31 October 2020

Fall Fuel: 3 Foods That Are Good For Your Immune System

Fall brings with it a lot of great things- cosy nights by the fire, hot chocolates and crunchy leaves- but it also brings with it common colds and the flu…

As the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop, our immune system can take a hit. This, combined with the ability of viruses to survive in colder weather, can mean that we spend a large amount of time sniffling carrying tissues around with us!

This year, protecting our immune systems feels that bit more important.

As well as exploring how to boost your immune system with food, this article is going to give 3 examples of foods good for the immune system- each of them a tasty addition to any fall meal!

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How to boost your immune system with food:

Put simply, in order to boost your immune system with food, you need to be eating a diet that is complete! The nutrients in fruit and veg can boost your body’s defense against pathogens, but it’s important to eat a totally balanced diet- one that is comprised of healthy fats, carbs and protein too. 

3 Foods that strengthen your immune system:

1: Citrus Fruit

Possibly the most well-known immune boosting food is the orange. So many of us reach for a glass of orange juice when we feel a cold coming on… and there is science to back this up!

Oranges contain huge amounts of vitamin C which not only boosts the immune system but is a powerful antioxidant. However, important to get vitamin C all year round, not just when you feel a cold coming on. If you get tired of oranges, try lemons in your water or a grapefruit for breakfast!

2: Yogurt

Yogurt containing a large amount of probiotics can provide a great immune system boost and kill bad bacteria in your gut. It’s usually a good source of a range of vitamins too! If you don’t usually eat much yogurt, try switching the milk on your cereal for it!

3: Broccoli

Whilst most green, leafy vegetables will be sure to strengthen your immune system, broccoli is the best of them all. Containing high amounts of sulforaphane, broccoli boosts the gut flora responsible for fighting infections.

So there you have it- a list of foods that strengthen your immune system. Comment down below which recipes you’ll be making this fall! 

Photo by silviarita on Pixabay

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