22 September 2019

Nutrition facts and benefits of chicory root coffee

If you have been looking at coffee alternatives you have probably seen ‘chicory root coffee’, and you probably thought to yourself ‘what is chicory root coffee’ and ‘is it worth the shift from coffee?’ Let’s go on to find out what chicory root coffee is, as well as its nutritional facts, and health benefits, and how to make it.

What is chicory root coffee?

Chicory root coffee is made from the roots of the chicory plant. Chicory is a flowering plant in the dandelion family. To make chicory root coffee, the roots of the chicory plant are roasted, ground and brewed.

Chicory root coffee nutrition

Chicory root coffee has zero caffeine and is gluten free.

Health benefits of chicory root coffee

Chicory contains the highest concentration of inulin, a prebiotic and fiber, amongst the plants. This is beneficial for a healthy gut and helps to avoid digestive issues. Chicory also helps support liver detoxification, hormone balance, weight loss (as it acts as an appetite suppressant), and more.

Chicory root coffee taste

Now the chicory root coffee taste is probably not what you expect. When you smell it, however, it smells exactly coffee so the taste might surprise you. So, especially for those who are trying chicory root coffee as a substitute for classic coffee, it is helpful to think of it more as a ‘dark nutty tea’ rather than a ‘coffee’. It has depth and flavor but it is not coffee.

If you want to completely transition over to drinking chicory root coffee, you can start by mixing chicory root ‘coffee’ with your typical coffee blend so you can get accustomed to the taste and ‘lightness’ of the chicory root.

Chicory root coffee recipe

You can make chicory root coffee just as you would make your classic coffee with ‘granules’, which is simply the roasted root of the chicory plant. You can use, for example, a single filter, French Press or Espresso machine.

For an instant drink, you can purchase a chicory root powder that is available in loose or teabag form.

Chicory root coffee latte:

[2 servings]

Brew 1 tablespoon of Chicory Root coffee with 2 cups of water.

Heat your milk of choice and froth. Add frothed milk to 1 serving of the chicory blend and stir.

For a vanilla latte, blend vanilla bean into your recipe. Top with cinnamon to taste!

Chicory root coffee and classic coffee blend:

Combine 1 teaspoon of your classic coffee blend and 1 teaspoon of your chicory root blend.

Brew with water (with your method of choice) and serve.

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