2 July 2020

Low Carb Eating Out: Our Tips

For those who are decreasing the amount of carbs that they eat, or who are doing a diet plan that eliminates carbs, we know that it can be a struggle when going out to eat. It seems that carbs are found in about any dish that you order when eating out. However, even if you are reducing or eliminating carbs, this does not mean that you have to avoid going out to eat. You can still go out with friends and stick to your new diet.

How to Eat Low Carb When Eating Out

For those who are eating out yet maintaining a low carb diet, they will still have plenty of options. Here are our tips to ensure that you are sticking to this diet as much as possible while eating out:

Avoid Those Restaurants That Are High Pressure

If you love Italian, you know that it is full of carbs. So, when you are going to eat out, try to avoid those restaurants that serve your favorite types of carbs. If you do not have the temptation in front of you it is going to be easier to eat low carb.

Have a Carb Counter

If you are on a strict diet of low carbs, then be sure that you have a carb counter on your phone. This way you can make calculations on what the best options are going to be for when you are eating out.

Check Out the Main Menu

Even if you have been coming to the restaurant for years, you may be surprised if you stop and check out the menu. Many restaurants are now offering low carb options as this is a popular form of dieting and they want to reach this demographic. Check out the low carb menu items or even check for restaurants in your area that are offering this on their menu.

Dine With Those Who Support Your Goals

When going out to eat with friends and family, try to go with those who are interested in what you are doing. Or even those who are also eating low carb. It is so much easier to pass up something when you have a support group with you!

Be Careful with Drinks

Tons of carbs are found in drinks, and it can be tempting when out with friends/family to choose a drink that is going to blow your carb count.

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