3 November 2020

Low Carb Pancakes You Can Enjoy Without Feeling Guilty

Few breakfast meals match the smell signal of well-cooked pancakes – especially on a lazy Saturday morning. Even better, this thick, fluffy foodstuff is at the heart of most people’s everlasting happy breakfast memories. To some of us, every day is pancake day.

That said, heavy carb-loaded pancakes have come under so much scrutiny in recent years since their main ingredient, refined wheat flour, increases the risk of insulin resistance and obesity. Even worse, the pancake syrup commonly used is made from high fructose corn, which causes inflammation leading to type 2 diabetes.

Thankfully, you can avoid all these effects by sticking to low carb pancakes and slightly tweaking your normal pancake recipe – no more syrups and sugar topping too.

In this piece, we look at carbs and calories in pancakes; we also include a low carb pancake recipe you should try out for fluffy pancakes you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

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Carbs and Calories in Pancakes

There is a reason why a hearty pancake meal has that quite satisfying effect, the carbohydrates. Generally, pancakes have high amounts of carbohydrates – the body’s primary source of fuel.

A single serving of two high carb pancakes with butter and syrup can contain about 90g of carbs, which is relatively high. If you add traditional syrups and sugar toppings, this number can hit triple digits. However, a homemade low carb pancake with healthy toppings has fewer carbs, about 20g, depending on your recipe. Some may contain as little as 1g of carbs.

On the other hand, pancakes are also generally high on calories. For instance, the typical single serving of 2 medium pancakes contains about 520 calories. What’s more, add a few bacon strips or pork sausages and that number will surely rise to over 1000 calories. Fortunately, a single serving of about 4 low carb pancakes has lesser calories – approximately 300.

Hence, you can indulge in more than 6 low carb pancakes without piling up on the calories.

Other than that, here is a nutrient profile of homemade low carb pancake (about 4 slices);

  • Calories – 300
  • Carbs – 20g
  • Fat – 6g
  • Protein – 32g
  • Sodium – 48 mg
  • Dietary Fibre – 2.8g

Low Carb Pancake Recipe

This recipe will help you enjoy your pancake stack without feeling guilty about packing up the calories. Besides, we replace the traditional enriched white flour with almond meal to ensure you get gluten-free pancakes without sacrificing the taste.

Here we go;


  • 2-3 large eggs
  • 1 cup of almond meal
  • ½ glass of water
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • Coconut oil – about 2 tablespoons
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey


  1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl until they are well combined. You can use a whisk to ensure the mixture is evenly smooth. Remember not to overbeat the batter. Let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes.
  2. Heat the pan until very hot, then lower the heat to medium. Grease the nonstick pan with a little coconut oil and pour the batter in, ensuring it coats the pan thinly and evenly.
  3. Cook for 1 – 2 minutes and flip the pancake when the underside is brown.
  4. Enjoy your pancakes with fresh fruit and raw honey topping.

Try this recipe on your next lazy weekend morning for a satisfying and much healthier breakfast. Three servings of 2 pancakes each will give you 350 ca, 14g carbs, 30g of fat and 12g of protein.

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

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