3 April 2020

Online Grocery Shopping: Five Useful Tips

If you suddenly find yourself unable to get to the shops, or you just want to save time, money and stress by shopping online, here are our top tips for online grocery shopping. These tips will save you time and money, and will soon have you shopping online like a pro.

1. Compare Delivery Fees

Some supermarkets offer free delivery, but most do not. Prices vary widely depending on the store, and even the day and time you want your shopping delivered. Often, supermarkets will offer a free delivery coupon for your first shop with them, so take advantage of those when you can.

2. Try Multiple Stores

Stores often have special offers and multibuys, so sometimes it's worth a bit of time and effort researching their websites before placing your order to ensure you get the best value. Remember that ordering from more than one store will probably incur multiple delivery fees though, so be sure to weigh that up against any savings on the products.

3. Search for Coupons

Just like special offers and multibuys, many stores offer coupons. These can be found in magazines, newspapers and online. Before placing an order, do an online search for 'xxx (name of store) coupon.' You might be surprised at what you find. There are also browser extensions such as Honey that can discover and automatically apply the best valid coupons to your order at the checkout, across various (and well-known) eCommerce websites. Check it out: www.joinhoney.com

4. Save Money With the 'Search and Sort' Feature

When you are shopping in the store, it can take quite a while to compare prices and ensure you are getting the best deal. Online shopping makes this task much easier. You can type the name of the product in the search bar, for example, 'pasta' and once you get your results, you will be able to sort them by type (dried, fresh, canned etc.) and then by price. This sorting feature means that you can see everything in ascending price order, helping you to stick to your budget.

5. Save Time With the 'Bought Before' Feature

Once you have shopped at an online store, the website logs your previous purchases. This feature is convenient because you can browse through previous orders and add your regular products to your basket. Some sites will also note the items you have bought before in the searches. So if you search for 'bread,' there will be an indicator next to the products that you have previously purchased.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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