2 May 2020

Peanut Butter: Is It Healthy?

A huge part of looking and feeling your best is eating healthy. However, there is so much information out there regarding certain foods, with some believing it is healthy and others saying no it isn’t. Is peanut butter healthy? There are those that are on the fence when it comes to peanut butter being healthy. Some even point out that the protein amount in peanut butter makes it a great source of peanut butter. However, peanut butter also contains fat, sugar and salt; three things that are not exactly healthy.

How Many Calories Are in Peanut Butter?

If you are counting calories, you may find that peanut butter may not rank as high as you had thought when to comes to calorie count. There are only about 94 calories in peanut butter. But, this is only one tablespoon of peanut butter. And of course, this is the average. Some types of peanut butters have additives that make them have more calories. And remember, if you eat a sandwich that has 3 tablespoons of peanut butter on it, you are talking about this sandwich having a little under 300 calories of peanut butter alone, which does not include the calories that are found in the bread itself.

Is Peanut Butter Easy to Digest?

The good news is that peanut butter is considered as a food that is easy to digest. You will find that it is also considered a heart healthy food thanks to the vitamins and minerals that are found in it. Since it has a high amount of fiber in it, it can help to improve the digestion of those who have issues.  However, this is talking about peanut butter that is more natural.  A lot of the peanut butters that are purchased off the shelves at stores are going to be full of preservatives that make it harder to digest.

They key when wanting to be healthy while eating peanut butter is to look for a natural or organic type of peanut butter. When you choose these types, you are forgoing the extra additives, sugars and the like that are not as healthy and harder to digest. Remember, natural or organic peanut butter will be much different than what you are used to, but it is a much better alternative. It may contain more natural oils than what you are used to, but most people find that the taste is amazing and can never go back to the major brands out there.

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