19 April 2020

Protein Powder: What You Need to Know

When it comes to being fit and getting healthy, one of the products that you hear tons of people talk about is protein powder. They are drinking this as meal replacements, and as supplements with a regular, healthy diet. However, is protein powder something that you should add into your diet? Are there any side effects? Or is this something that is going to benefit you? Find out all you need to know about protein powder to make this decision.

The Reason to Use Protein Powder

When you hear the words ‘protein powder’ you often think of building muscles and you may even think of this as being something that own muscle builders are going to use. However, many people are using protein powder. The reasons that protein powder is becoming so popular is because:

  1. Helps to repair and build muscle after exercising
  2. Helps to slow the age-related muscle loss that people get, regardless of any activity that they do
  3. Has been shown to help with weight loss as it keeps you fuller longer and provides you with more energy.

With all the health benefits, it makes sense why people are using protein powder as a supplement to their regular diet.

Protein Powder and Side Effects

While the benefits protein powder often outweigh the side effects, there are some that people report. One of the biggest is intestinal discomfort. It can cause a person to feel bloated or even have an upset stomach due to the sweeteners that are often used in these powders. The key to overcoming this side effect is to find a protein powder that has gone through an ultra-filtration procedures to reduce the elements that cause these intestinal difficulties.

How to Add Protein Powder into Your Diet

For those who are ready to get the health benefits from protein powders, there are several ways in which they can introduce this into their diet.

  1. Add protein powder into your favorite morning smoothie for a boost throughout the day and a way to help make you feel more full after breakfast.
  2. You can have a protein shake after exercise to help your muscles even more.
  3. You can opt to do protein powder shakes as a meal replacement to help reduce the number of calories that you are eating.

Basically, with protein powder you have several options. And it can be a great addition to the diet and exercise routine that you have.

Photo by LYFE Fuel on Unsplash

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