12 March 2021

What to Do With Leftover Salmon: Creative Ideas to Stop Wasting Food

We have all had those moments where there are tons of leftovers in terms of the main meat, but are undecided or confused about what to do with it. While you may not want to have the same dinner several days in a row, when it comes to salmon you have a few options to make new dishes to help you stop the cycle of wasting food!

How long is leftover salmon good for?

Cooked salmon that is placed in a fridge should be eaten within three to four days. However, you can go up to six days, but you may be compromising the taste and quality of the food. The best bet is to use this up in the next day or two so there are no surprises.

What to do with leftover salmon: 5 Ideas

There are several ideas that you can use to help you get rid of that leftover salmon so that you can enjoy it for several meals!

1. Salmon Fried Rice

Find your favorite fried rice recipe and start making this. But, when it calls for chicken or pork, use the leftover salmon that you have. You will find it will be delicious, especially if you love rice.

2. Salmon Tacos

Love fish tacos? Well take this to the next level with salmon tacos. All you really need to have on hand is some cabbage slaw, some ripe avocados and soft tortillas. You can then shred the salmon to go into these tacos.

3. Salmon Chowder

Make your go-to chowder but place into this salmon. You may find that adding in a bit of curry paste, a squeeze of lime and some fresh cilantro is going to add even more spice to this simple and time honored dish.

4. Alfredo Pasta with Salmon

We have all heard of chicken Alfredo, but you can easily replace the chicken for salmon. It will give it a different taste, but most people find that salmon coupled with an Alfredo sauce is actually very tasty!

5. Salmon Egg Quiche

If you love quiche, they are going to be even better when you add salmon into these. You can add an array of vegetables into this to give it even more punch. It can be great for the next morning after eating salmon the night before, or opt to have breakfast for dinner one night.

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