30 September 2020

3 Ways to Come Back After a Fitness Setback

No matter who you are or what your specific goals are, there will always be times where you encounter fitness setbacks. Maybe you go on vacation and stop working out for a couple of weeks... Or maybe you get sick or encounter an injury.

What often takes a knock more than your physical strength or fitness, however, is your drive to continue on your fitness journey.

A fitness setback can be demotivating... but don't worry! In this article, we're going to show you 3 ways to overcome a fitness setback and get back to making progress quickly.

1: Make A Fitness Plan

A fitness setback can be a great chance to re-evaluate your goals and to figure out whether you're actually enjoying your current fitness routine.

Once you figure out your next goals, sit down and write out a detailed plan for how you want to get there. If you want to lose weight, for instance, writing calories or macros alongside a weekly exercise routine is important.

Maybe you could even incorporate a new sport or gym class. This is sure to refresh your motivation levels!

2: Ease Back Into Working Out 

Particularly if you are overcoming from an injury or illness, it's important to remember to take things slowly when you start working out again. Take some time to monitor and track your current fitness levels. Whether lifting weights or performing cardio, you likely won't be able to do what you could do before your fitness setback.

This is okay and you will get your fitness back, but trying to force it too soon will just end up putting you back further.

3: Create A Fitness Support Network 

Getting back from a fitness setback can be difficult... but having people around you can definitely make it easier!

Whether you join a class or simply ask your friends to check in with you about your fitness journey, a support network can be incredibly beneficial.

Recovering From Fitness Setbacks:

Above all, remember that recovering from a setback requires a positive mindset. It isn't helpful to beat yourself up about whatever happened that set you back. Instead, put your energy into these 3 steps and watch yourself progress once more.

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