3 February 2021

5 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Farmers' Market

Farmers' markets are springing up in every locality, and this is beneficial to us all. From providing fresh produce closest to you to enabling circulation of money within the locality, farmers' markets have become a rising trend throughout the world.

If you haven't been shopping at your local farmers' market, then here are 5 reasons you should start.

1. Fresh, seasonal food

Farmers' markets always sell what the season provides in plenty, and this is fresh produce directly from the farm. Unlike fruits and vegetables that you'll probably find at the grocery store, which are several days out of the farm, buying from the farmers' market guarantees you fresh produce that has no additives or preservatives.

If you're a fan of naturally looking farm produce, a farmers' market should be your one-stop shopping center.

2. Protect the environment

Farm produce sold at the farmers' market is organic – non-GMO fruits and vegetables that are chemical-free. Local farmers mostly use manure that is natural and less harmful to the soil. Hence, buying from them not only means you consume products that are safe but also goes a long way in supporting environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Besides, farmers' markets are located just close to the farms and therefore conserve a lot of fuel that would otherwise be used to transport produce to grocery stores located miles away. These markets also use minimal processing and sorting, which are generally attributed to environmental degradation.

3. Support local farmers

Shop at your local farmers' market to support local farmers. The farms provide jobs to the locals, and most of the profits made within their markets are spent on the local economies.

Local family farms have gradually decreased over the years due to the rapid rise of urbanization. This trend has pushed up the cost of running a farm – the increased competition from big conglomerated farms hasn't helped their situation.

Hence, if you start buying from your local farmers' market today, you'll be contributing in a big way towards keeping these markets afloat.

4. Know where your food comes from

Shop at your local farmers market for provenance. Do you know where the vegetables you buy at your favorite grocery come from? I bet not. You get all the necessary information about the groceries on offer when you buy from the local farmers' market. You can even have a chat with the farm market workers to inquire about the farming and processing practices at the farm.

There are cases where farmers offer farm tours to illustrate how the products you buy from them is grown and handled up to the point of selling.

5. Learn cooking tips

Market days provide a great social experience where farmers interact and share their secret recipes with their customers. These are great avenues to learn about the best cooking tips for a delicious meal.

Start shopping at your local farmers market today and ask for tips on how to prepare fresh offerings – you might learn something new on what to do with kohlrabi or how to bump up your tomato salsa.

Buying fresh produce directly from your local farmers' market is a guarantee of the quality of foods you're serving your family. If you haven't been doing that, now you have a reason to start.

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