19 October 2020

5 Stress Management Tips

Let’s face it...we all have stress. Whether you work from home, have kids, pets, or work out in the public...you are dealing with stress. However, how can you manage this? Managing stress is going to make you feel much better. Remember, stress can make you feel angry, it can cause headaches, it can even make you feel tired all the time. Stress can wreak havoc on your health, that is why it is important that you manage stress as much as possible.

1: Avoid caffeine and alcohol

While you may think that the cup of coffee or the wine at night is helping you to de-stress, it can actually make your stress that much worse. It is best to avoid this if you are trying to manage your stress.

2: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

For those who are using this method, they will find that they simply need to take time and relax a certain set of muscles. For example, go into a quiet room, lay on the floor and mentally relax your legs, then go up through your body to feel great.

3: Dedicate Time to Yourself

Everyone needs some “me” time. Be sure that you are taking this. We are not talking about taking a mini vacation, but you will find that taking one hour every night to get away from electronics, to sit down and read or take a bubble bath can work wonders.

4: Be Active

When you exercise, you are going to find that endorphins are released and that these are the feel good hormones that run through your body. So, be active. Be sure to carve out time to hit the gym or get an in home workout done a few times per week to help workout that stress.

5 Keep a Diary

One of the best ways to help manage your stress is understanding where this stress is coming from. Keep a diary that talks about your feelings during certain circumstances so that you can have a better understanding of where your stress is coming from. You can then make a few changes to ensure these situations do not arise again causing more stress.

Remember, stress is the enemy. While everyone deals with stress, there is no reason that you should not do what you can to get these stress levels down. And with these tips, you can get a good handle on your stress and dealing with this.

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