17 September 2020

How to Do a Digital Detox

What is a digital detox, and why would you need one? Times are different since the onset of modern technology. In years gone by, we thought of a detox as a physical activity – something you do to rid the body of accumulated toxins. Nowadays, we consume much more than food and drink. The content we are exposed to daily can cause toxic emotions and stress to build up in our systems. Doing a regular digital detox is the best way to alleviate this unwanted emotional and energetic load.

Digital Detox Meaning

When you partake in a digital detox, you cease your consumption of all digital input for a specified period. Some people choose to limit this to social media – arguably the most toxic form of digital content. Other people prefer to cease, or severely limit, their consumption of ALL digital input, including television.

But I Need to Know What’s Happening in the World!

The news on TV is rarely good. It usually makes us feel sad and lowers our energetic frequency. If there’s nothing you can do about all the broken politics and tragic stories, then not watching for a short period won’t make any difference to the situation. However, it will give you an emotional break and allow you to use that time for more productive and higher vibration activities.

I Use Social Media to Connect with People

We feel like we are more connected than ever before, but the truth is, the quality of our connections has dramatically reduced. Along with the ability to contact people 24/7, you also get bombarded by advertising and constant exposure to carefully curated lives.

People rarely have lives as extraordinary and exciting as they portray on social media. Yet, since the advent of this technology, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression have skyrocketed.

Find better ways to connect with people, like scheduling in face-to-face meetings or having actual telephone conversations. The number of social interactions you have will reduce, but the quality of your connection will massively improve.

How Long Should a Digital Detox Be?

The length of a digital detox is up to you. Periods from as little as a day to a year are common practice. If it’s your first time doing a digital detox, or if you rely on digital devices for work, you may like to try 24 hours or a weekend. If you’re ready to take the plunge and it won’t affect your income, you can do it for as long as you feel comfortable.

5 Tips for a Successful Digital Detox

Here are our top five tips to ensure your digital detox is a success.

1: Decide whether you will cease using all digital media or just social media. You may find that a social media detox is enough and gives you the respite you need. If you want to go all out, you’ll need to be super strict about not switching on the TV, radio (including in the car), your computer, and your smartphone. Whether you choose to still use your phone for texts and calls is up to you, but you can switch off the internet in the settings menu.

2: Get accountability. Tell a friend or family member of your plans and ask them to support you and check in on you each day to help you stay on track. This regular contact will keep you motivated. Better still, see if anyone wants to join you!

3: Tell your friends and family that you will be unreachable on social media, and for how long. This so that nobody worries when they don’t hear back from you.

4: Resurrect the lost art of letter writing. Communicate with your friends the old-fashioned way and write them letters. It is such a gift to receive something positive in the post – usually, all we get are bills and adverts. You’ll make someone’s day if you write them a letter, and you never know, you might just get one back.

5: Schedule in self-care, coffee dates, and fun activities. Ensuring that you have people to meet with will prevent you from feeling lonely and isolated. Planning what you will do with your time will stop you from feeling bored and tempted to break your detox. Why not use the time to journal, create art, cook new recipes, and read those books you’ve wanted to read for years?


A digital detox is good for mind, body, and spirit. It helps you to refocus your awareness back onto yourself, your goals, and your family. Once you start experiencing the benefits of a digital detox, you’ll find yourself scheduling in tech-free time regularly.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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