7 January 2020

How to Start Monday Positively

Ahh, the Monday blues… it’s a condition that affects all of us - one that peaks each Sunday as the realization sets in that the time has come to start another week. Why we dread Mondays so much may depend on a variety of reasons. Maybe anxiety plays a part, or perhaps work stress contributes.

No matter the reason, wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to start Monday off positively? Here are some surefire ways to put a little up in your Monday morning beat.

Meditate for a Different Mindset

Moving into Monday morning can be a positive one with a little brain training. Sure, it’s hard to leave the freedom of the weekend behind and dive back into the weekday routine. But, you may find that a simple morning meditation routine can help set up your day up the right way. Whether you meditate with an app for twenty minutes or as little as five, you may find Monday mornings are much more tolerable with a little bit of mental relaxation.

Feed Your Positivity with Exercise Endorphins

Any exercise routine that raises your heart rate and gets you moving for at least thirty minutes will flood your body with feel-good endorphins. Those endorphins will put you in a more positive “can do” attitude moving into your Monday morning. It may be tough to incorporate exercise in at first. But, push through until it becomes routine, and your mind and body will both be thanking you for it.

Tips to Have a Great Week

Besides meditation and exercise, there are a few other things that can make your Monday and the rest of your week, for that matter, more positive.

Drink Plenty of Water

A hydrated body is one that can flush out toxins efficiently, utilize nutrients effectively, and maintain high energy levels. These are things your body needs to function and feel good every day.

Exercise Regularly

In addition to exercising each Monday, add some other workouts throughout your week to maintain a strong body, high energy levels, and a positive attitude.

Maintain a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Whatever type of food you choose to eat, make sure it’s full of valuable nutrients beneficial both for your mind and your body. Eat plenty of healthy fats, lean proteins, and colorful vegetables full of beneficial antioxidants.

Pay Attention To Your Mindset

Whether you journal your thoughts, share your feelings with a close friend, or take a moment each day to meditate, find a way to keep tabs on your state of mind each day.

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