23 February 2021

The Slim Thick Body: What Is It?

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram or reading magazines over the last couple of years, you’ll surely have heard of the “slim thick” body type… And yet, you might be thinking (as many people do), exactly what is slim thick? You might also be wondering how to get slim thick and achieve that much desired figure…

In this quick guide, we’re going to explain the slim thick body and outline the best slim thick workout ideas!

What is slim thick?

Often described as the Instagram ideal for women’s bodies, slim thick refers to a slightly curvier figure which is still clearly slim and fit. A person with a slim thick body will typically have a smaller waist, a bigger booty and wider hips.

How to get slim thick: workout plan

The first thing to remember if you are wondering how to get slim thick is that you can’t spot reduce fat. This means that you can’t lose fat from your waist only while maintaining fat on your booty, for example.

For this reason, the best approach to take to get a slim thick body is to work out in cycles. For 4-8 weeks, you will focus on building muscle in the desired areas- for example, your booty. During this time, you’ll eat enough calories to fuel your workouts and focus on consuming lots of protein. You can use calculators online to work out exactly how much of this you need.

A good slim thick workout is one that uses a high volume of weight to really work those big muscles in the glutes and thighs. Be sure to increase the weight as much as possible week on week. You should also do upper body workouts with weights as well as abs!

For the following 4-8 weeks, you will decrease the calories you consume enough that you are in a calorie deficit. Keep working out during this time but also increase the amount of cardio you’re doing slightly so that you can burn fat but maintain the muscle underneath. This is what will give you that slim thick body naturally.

Start working out

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