10 July 2020

30 Day Belly Fat Loss Challenge: Our Plan

Belly fat is the main issue that many people are dealing with. As a person ages, they often find that what was once a washboard flat stomach is now starting to get a little pudgy. You would be surprised at how stress can make your bodies react and one way is through fat collecting around the midsection. So, are you asking “Can I lose belly fat in 30 days?” The great news is that yes you can with the 30 day belly fat loss challenge.

Can I Lose My Belly Fat in 30 Days?

Yes you can. But, you are going to have to be dedicated to doing the workouts and eating healthy. You are going to find that with the 30 day belly fat loss challenge, that you can rise to the occasion and you will see fat loss. And consider this, if after 30 days you are not where you envisioned, this is a great workout that you can continue to lose the belly fat that has accumulated.

Belly Fat Blast Challenge on 30 Day Fitness

The 30 Day Belly Fat Loss Challenge combines some great exercises that you can do at home that are meant to target the belly area and help to shred this weight by helping the muscles to become more defined. You will want to do three rounds of each of these workouts to get the best results. And you are going to want to do these everyday.

  1. Sit-Ups: You will want to do 30 of these each time. Remember, you want your abs to do the work so do not strain and let your shoulders or back do the work, otherwise you will not get the benefits.
  2. Glute bridges: You will want to do 30 of these exercises. To do these, lie on your back with the knees bent, hip distance apart with your feet flat on the floor. Then squeeze the glutes and engage the core and lift your hips to a bridge. Lower and repeat.
  3. Bicycles: You will want to do a total of sixty of these each round, meaning thirty per leg.
  4. Cross-Body Crunches: You will do 30 of these each side, for a total of 60. This is a like a regular crunch, but you need to turn your body on the incline to really work the sides of your stomach.
  5. Plank: Do this for 30 seconds. It may be hard but try to hit the 30 seconds each time.
  6. Abdominal Cocoons: Laying on your back, engage your core and then bring your knees in and your arms up. You are going to want to cocoon yourself and then relax, and repeat.

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