14 September 2020

30 Day Family Fitness Challenge: 5 Fun Ideas

Don't let the fact that summer is almost finished deter you and your family from keeping up your exercise regime. If you want to keep your family fitness-focused and motivated during autumn, why not create a 30-day family fitness challenge? Here are five fun ideas to inspire you.

1: Hold a Month-Long Cycle Race

Make a chart where everyone can track their cycle miles, and at the end of the month, the family member who has cycled the furthest wins. This idea is excellent if you have older children or teenagers who cycle places on their own so that there is an edge of competition. Cycle distances can be tracked on one of many cycling apps or a smartwatch.

2: Train for a Charity Event Together

Many charities are looking for people to participate in fundraising events such as 5k runs or swimathons. As part of a 30-day fitness challenge, your family could train for a sporting event together and raise money for charity. Not only will you all get fit, but you'll be benefitting others, too.

3: Hiking Treasure Hunts

A fun idea for families with younger children is to do hiking treasure hunts each weekend. You can create a list of items that the kids have to spot on the hike. For example, a white flower, a bird that is common to your area, a yellow leaf, a pinecone, a dog, etc. Whoever finds the most items on the list is the winner. Each week you can make the hike slightly longer or more challenging.

4: Fun and Games

Create an old-fashioned sports day competition or an obstacle course in your back yard or local park. Some ideas for the sports day competition include egg and spoon races, sack races, relays, hurdles, and space hopper races. You can construct an obstacle course from a ladder laid on the ground, hopscotch grids made with string or chalk, hula hoops, balls, bean bags, chairs, balloons, etc.

5: Pushup Challenge

Challenge everyone to practice their pushups throughout the month and on the final day, hold a competition. You can give prizes for the most pushups done in a minute, the most improved person, and the person who can do the craziest or silliest variation. Think dressing up, doing pushups with stuffed animals on your back, singing a song, or anything that makes the rest of the family laugh.


A 30-day family fitness challenge is an enjoyable way to unite your family with a common goal, increase fitness levels, and create a strong bond. Crucially, it also teaches children the importance of exercise, and that it doesn't have to be boring. Try out our ideas or use them as inspiration to design something even better based on your family's favorite sports or activities. The important thing to remember is that it should be achievable, motivational, and, most of all, fun.

Image by Дмитрий Макаров from Pixabay

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