28 December 2019

30 Minute Tabata Workout

For those who are looking for the latest workout, or for those who are serious about starting an at home workout that is going to give results, a Tabata workout may just be what you need. A Tabata workout is one of those high intervals intensity workouts that is meant to get your heart pumping and the fat burning. Many of those who utilize these workouts often find that it does more for them than working out with other aerobic exercises for an hour or more.

Tabata Benefits

The benefits of a Tabata workout are numerous. These benefits include the following:

  • Increases your strength
  • Helps improve your cardiovascular endurance
  • Burns fat as it helps to increase the basal metabolic rate
  • Saves you time as these workouts are meant to be fast and intense

These four main benefits are why more and more people are turning to a Tabata workout. After all, who doesn’t want amazing results with shorter periods of time spent working out?

A 30 Minute Tabata Workout Example

There are tons of Tabata workouts that are out there. However, for those who are doing the 30 minute Tabata workout, things rotate around the 20 second mark and go at full speed, followed by a ten second rest period for a four minute period. The idea is that within these 4 minutes you will work out hardcore, then rest slightly to jumpstart your body into burning fat.

Here is an example of what a 30 minute workout would look like in your home:

  1. Stage 1: 4 minutes of Mountain Climbers doing the 20 second, then 10 second rest for a total of four minutes
  2. Rest one minute
  3. Stage 2: 4 minutes of Sit-ups
  4. Rest one minute
  5. Stage 3: 4 minutes of push-ups
  6. Rest one minute
  7. Stage 4: Squats for 4 minutes
  8. Rest one minute
  9. Stage 5: Plank sidewalks for 4 minutes
  10. Rest one minute
  11. Stage 6: Reverse lunges for 4 minutes

The important thing to remember with each of these stages is to follow the 20 second, 10 second rest rule. So, you should be repeating each exercise in a stage for around 8 times during the 4 minute period. If you feel as though this is kicking your butt, don’t worry...most people do! That is why this is such an incredible workout since it takes 30 minutes, and will render results.

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