9 September 2020

Ab Exercises with Ball you Should Try

Have you heard about exercise balls? They are all the rage with many people using these to sit down and work rather than using a chair, only because it forces them to work on their core more. With this being said, an exercise ball is great for ab exercises. And it can easily be done at home, making it even better!

How to Use an Exercise Ball

So, how to you use an exercise ball? The ball is all about balancing yourself, which forces the core to work more. Hence, the reason that many people are using these exercise balls even while they are working at their desks. We do suggest that if you are new to the exercise ball that you make sure you are doing this on a nice soft surface in the event that you fall off. And if you do fall off, know that you are not alone in this...many first timers often do this.

5 Ab Exercises to do with an Exercise Ball

Once you have your exercise ball, you are going to find that there are tons of exercises all geared around the benefits of an exercise ball. For those who are interested, here are 5 ab exercises that can get you started!

  1. Ball crunch: This is a basic exercise in which you will lie on the exercise ball with your face up to the ceiling. Keep the bow under your lower back. Make sure your feet stay on the ground about hip width apart and keep your hands behind your head. Contract your core, tighten your glutes and then slowly crunch upwards.
  2. Oblique crunches: Very similar to the traditional crunch, the oblique crunches are going to work the obliques even more. Begin in the same position you would as if you were doing a traditional crunch on the ball. Then when you crunch up, you are going to go to the right slightly, then lower again. Next time, go to the left and keep repeating.
  3. Ball Knee Raises: You can even work your legs slightly with the exercise ball. One you have the ball under you lower back, and your core braced, you will want to life the right food and bring the right knee towards the chest, then lower. Then repeat on the other side.
  4. Ball tuck: Get into the push up position with the ball under the tops of your feet. Then while holding the position with your arms, start rolling the ball, allowing your legs to go in and out. It is a total body workout.
  5. Plank Jacks: Put the exercise ball under your forearms, with your hands clasped on the ball. Your feet should be together. Then with a tight core, jump your legs apart, and back together again. Keep repeating.

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