8 May 2020

Antigravity Yoga in a Nutshell

Also known as aerial yoga, antigravity yoga is a fitness craze that is sweeping the world. But what is it exactly? Read on to discover the how’s and why’s of this new acrobatic yoga form.

What is Antigravity Yoga?

You might be surprised to discover that antigravity yoga involves not only yoga but also Pilates exercises and aerial acrobatics, too. This dynamic and fun form of exercise uses fabric hammocks attached to the ceiling to support the body as you move through varying exercises and poses. The cool thing about it is that because you are supported, you can access more advanced postures, including inversions. This enables you to reap the benefits that might have otherwise been unattainable. Plus, it's super fun to hang upside down from the ceiling!

What are the Benefits of Aerial Yoga?

One of the main benefits of aerial yoga, apart from feeling like a kid again, is that it helps to decompress your spine. Over time, the spine shortens with the effects of gravity and aging. Hanging upside down counteracts this and allows the vertebrae to separate. Yes, antigravity yoga can make you a little bit taller! Aside from increasing your height, this decompression of the spine works wonders for back and neck issues and is an excellent remedy for laptop-induced hunched shoulders.

Another benefit of aerial yoga is that because you can access a broader range of motion, you work your body more effectively. You will tone your arms, core, and legs, as well as increasing deeper flexibility.

Lastly, antigravity yoga has an incredible ability to calm the mind. The feeling of being held and supported by the hammock, while encouraging the inner child to come out and play, is an excellent tonic for stressful lives. The last posture in any yoga class is Savasana, and in an aerial yoga class, this is practiced cocooned inside the hammock, hanging above the ground. It feels incredibly nurturing and promotes a calm and blissful state. If you have yet to try this delightful experience, you are in for a real treat!

I'm Sold! How Can I Start to Practice?

There are two ways you can practice antigravity yoga - at home or in a group class. If you want to practice at home, you can purchase the hammock online and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. You will need some space to practice, and you can find video tutorials on YouTube and usually from the manufacturer of your hammock.

If you would like to practice in a group class, there are many available in major cities around the world. A quick internet search should yield some fruitful results.

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