19 July 2019

5 benefits of aerial yoga for your body and overall health

You have probably heard about the aerial yoga practice where you are suspended in the air and thought to yourself, ‘what is aerial yoga and what are the benefits of doing aerial yoga?’

Yoga has become an even more popular practice in the western world in the last few decades, and there are many different styles of yoga, from yin to vinyasa. In 2007, Christopher Harrison founded aerial yoga out in New York, marking it is a new type of yoga.

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a unique yoga practice that incorporates traditional yoga postures with the addition of using silk hammocks or yoga swings hanging from the ceiling to aid in the poses.

Now that we know what aerial yoga is, you may be wondering ‘what is yoga aerial yoga good for?’ and whether it is right for you.

Aerial yoga benefits

1. Aerial yoga relieves compression on the spine

When you safely invert and don’t put so much pressure on your spine as many do with poor posture, etc., aerial yoga gives you the opportunity to relieve compression on your spine. Many notice a difference after their first time trying aerial yoga.

2. Aerial yoga improves strength and flexibility

Even more so than traditional yoga as you are on a swinging object, aerial yoga fully engages your body and requires it to be stabilized throughout each pose. Your strength and flexibility naturally improve as you practice aerial yoga, as well as your stamina.

3. Aerial yoga reduces stress

Ass you ease into aerial yoga poses, you focus on your breath, your body and how powerful it feels to hold your position. It gives you the opportunity to slip into relaxation mode, even as you are getting in a proper workout.

4. Aerial yoga is beginner friendly

Aerial yoga is a fun way to mix up a traditional yoga practice and also a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to yoga poses and how to properly align your body. Think of the silk hammock or yoga swing as a spotter or as a posture corrector. Once you build up the strength and confidence with yoga poses, you can try out traditional yoga classes if you’d like.

5. Aerial yoga encourages you to overcome fear

Aerial yoga may be a fun ‘let’s try it’ practice for some, but not everyone is 100% confident defying gravity. This style of yoga encourages you to overcome fear and try new things, and as you gain confidence in your practice and trust in all that your body can do, you will take that confidence with you outside of the yoga room.

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