19 June 2019

5 back exercises for women at home

Do you want to work on toning your back or want better posture, but find yourself wondering how to do so? If your answer is yes, back exercises are a great place to start. Here are 5 of the best back exercises for women.  The best part is, no equipment is required and they are back workouts for women at home! There is no need to go to the gym to do them.

Back exercises for women at home

1. Plank

Body Parts: Abs, Back, Butt

  1. Begin by lying flat on the floor, stomach down, with your knees fully extended.
  2. Bend your arms and position your elbows directly beneath your shoulders, supporting yourself with your forearms.
  3. Clench your fists and raise yourself up until your only points of contact with the ground are your toes, elbows, forearms, and fists.
  4. Maintaining a flat back, inhale and squeeze your abs and glutes as tightly as possible.
  5. Remain in this position for the duration of your set.

2. Heel Touches

Body Parts: Back

  1. First, lie on the floor facing upwards with your legs bent and arms by your side.
  2. Without moving your lower body or raising your arms from the ground, bend your torso to one side so that can slide your palms across the floor as far as you can.
  3. Return to a position where your torso is in line with your hips.
  4. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2, alternating the direction of bending.

3. Elevated Standing Toe Touch

Body Parts: Back, Butt, Legs

  1. Begin by standing upright with your feet shoulder width apart and arms by your sides.
  2. Bend at the waist without bending your knees.
  3. While bending, reach out one of your arms and raise the leg of the same side.
  4. Grab the top of the foot of the raised leg, keeping it and your other leg straight if possible.
  5. Maintain this position for the duration of the set, alternating limbs in subsequent reps.

4. Glute Bridges

Body Parts: Back, Butt, Legs

  1. First, position your torso flat on the ground, with knees bent, and arms extended by your sides.
  2. Without rotating your torso or changing the position of your feet on the ground, squeeze your glutes and raise your hips.
  3. Continue until your thighs are in line with your ab.
  4. Lower your hips until your butt is in contact with the floor.
  5. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2.

5. Child’s Pose

Body Part: Back

  1. Begin by sitting on your knees while on the floor.
  2. While on your knees, bend at the waist to bring your torso down towards the floor while placing your arms out in front of you.
  3. Continue bending at the waist and pushing your arms further out in front of you until you are no longer able to comfortably do so while maintaining ground contact with your shins.
  4. Maintain this position for the duration of the set.

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