3 March 2021

Barre Workout to Do at Home

For those who are looking for a workout that they can do at home with minimal equipment that is still going to give results, they will find that the barre workout is becoming more popular. Basically the barre workout is a workout that is inspired by ballet, and includes some yoga positions that many people enjoy.

Is barre a good workout?

While you would think that ballet is not something that is going to increase your fitness, you would be wrong! This is why a barre workout is a great workout for you to do at home. It is meant to test your balance, while being high repetition exercise that help with flexibility while building up your muscle.

Beginner barre workout you can do at home

For those who are beginning with a barre workout, they will find that there are no ballet skills really needed. And you will find that you can get away without having a barre as long as you have a chair that you can use in place of this barre. Here are a few exercises that you can start to do today!

1. Parallel Plies

Start in the standing position with one arm resting on your barre or chair, the other resting on your hip. Put both feet together with the toes facing forward, your ankles touching. Bend your knees then lift both heels up off the ground. Balance on your toes, then lower and lift, squeezing the legs together to work those quads. Do this for 16 counts.

2. Parallel Toe Taps

Start the same way as you would with Parallel Plies. Then when you are in the position with the heels of the ground, strike your right foot out and back. Pointing your toe as much as you can, do this for 16 counts, then turn around and repeat with the left foot.

3. Second Position Plies with Alternating Heel Lifts

Start in the standing position. Bring your free arm and feet our wide to second position, then bend down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Maintaining this position, go up and down, lift your outside heel for 4 counts then lower, then do the opposite heel for 4 counts. Repeat this for 16 counts.

4. Second Position Plie to Passe

Start just as you did with the above exercise. Once you are in the squatting position, you are going to perform a passe drawing your outside leg in and with the toe pointed until it lightly touches your knee on the other leg. Do this for 16 counts, then switch sides.

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