21 August 2020

Burpee Exercises: All the Benefits

For anyone who has been to a personal trainer, they often hear give me a few burpees at some point during their training session. In fact, many people have said that burpees are the devil’s exercise because they are difficult. But, they do render results.

What Type of Exercise is Burpees?

Burpees are considered a calisthenic exercise. This means that you are using your own body’s weight while doing this exercise. It can help to improve endurance, strength and also help with your flexibility. While it may be difficult to do since there is so much movement involved in it, it is one of those exercises that almost uses your entire body to get through, giving you a full body workout.

Benefits of Burpees Exercise?

There are several benefits of burpees exercise for those who put this into their daily workout routine. They are going to find the following benefits:

  1. It helps with the strength of the body. When you do several burpees in a row, you are going to find that the routine is going to make sure that all your muscles are taking a beating and working out. You will definitely feel these tomorrow.
  2. It helps with the speed at which you workout. When you do burpee exercises, you are going to find that you want to do this extremely fast to get the most out of these exercises. Doing them slow will not give you as much benefit to any of your muscles.
  3. As you pick up the speed of these exercises, you are going to find that your endurance greatly increases. You are going to steadily get stronger and faster while doing these exercises, which is what everyone wants when they attempt any type of workout.
  4. While this is considered a calisthenic exercise, it is also considered high intensity interval training as well. This means that you are going to lose even more fat doing less of these than if you were to do other types of exercises out there.
  5. These require no equipment, so this is a workout that you can easily do at your own home in your living room or whatnot.
  6. You can even add weight later on down the line with weighted belts, wrist bands or the like, making it a very versatile type of exercise.

While many people may say that burpees are the worst exercise ever...they are definitely going to get you results.

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