11 May 2020

Calisthenics Equipment You Need to Have

For those who are looking to start with calisthenics exercises, they will find that there are tons of equipment options out there that they can use. There are some that are super expensive, while others are more affordable. So, just what type of calisthenics equipment should you purchase for your home? We have a list that will give you a great start and a great workout.

1. Fitness Ball

This a relatively cheap piece of equipment that you can use for your exercise that is going to offer a ton of benefit to you as there are several exercises that can be done with this ball to offer better resistance and results.

2. Jump Rope

Doing jump rope is one of the easiest ways to add to your exercise routine and get results. It is considered a basic of cardio training. While you may be worried about strength training, remember you still need to burn excess calories and a jump rope is a great way of doing this.

3. Ab Wheels

These are made just to help with the abdominal muscles. They are relatively easy to use on a smooth surface, but they kick up your workout to a new level. When you truly want to work your midsection, then this is the workout equipment to have in your home.

4. Push Up Bars

Believe it or not, when you starting your workout journey, the best push up is something that many people cannot do. Thus, the idea of push up bars. They help to get the benefits of push-ups and help you keep the perfect form.

5. Pull Up Bar

A pull up bar is going to be a great addition to your home gym as it is going to be a whole home body workout. This can help to build your upper body easily with your own body weight!

6. Power Tower

For those who want the ultimate in equipment, they will find that a power tower is one of the best pieces of equipment that they can get. It helps with leg raises, dips, pull ups, chin ups and so much more.

For those who are starting their journey with a calisthenics workout, these pieces of equipment are going to be a great start and give you the ability to have a great workout while at home. Remember, this type of workout is all about your form and building your strength.

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