6 July 2020

Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

When you think of a chest workout, chances are you think about going to the gym and using free weights or machines. However, you can get a great chest workout at home without having to use equipment. You will find that there are exercises that use household items, while others simply use your own body weight. This means that everyone can workout their chest muscles when they have an extra 20 minutes at home.

Chest Muscles: What You Need to Know

The chest muscles are a group of muscles that are best worked out with heavy pressing movements. The muscles are going to look best when they have mass, thus they are a prime area that many people try to hit during their workouts. Even better, you will find that a chest workout is going to help make you stronger, can help you lose weight and has even been shown to help fight against diabetes.

Chest Workouts at Home without Weights

So, what can you do at home without weights to help build your chest muscles? There are several that you can do.

  1. Regular Push Ups

This is a tried and true exercise that almost everyone can do, and it requires no equipment whatsoever. Use a wide grip when you are doing these push ups, as a narrow grip does not work the chest muscles as much.

  1. Incline Push Up

For those who do not have much chest or arm muscle just yet, then an incline push up can be a great starting point. With this push up, you are going to stand up and lean towards something that is not going to move. For example, a kitchen island. Put your arms wide apart, with hands on the edge of the island and then push up, and repeat.

  1. Diamond Press Up

This is a variation of a regular push up. You are going to want to put your hands with your thumbs and index fingers pressing, making a diamond shape on the floor. Then push up and lower back down. It is going to work the chest muscles differently thanks to the shape of your hands.

  1. Alternating Shuffle Press-Up

This is an exercise that takes the regular push up and puts in motion, making your muscles work harder. Start in the classic push up position, then lower. Once up, take your hands and move to the right. Then push up again. You keep doing this as it is forcing your muscles to hold your weight while you move.

  1. Plank

The plank position is an entire body workout, and it works excellent for your chest muscles. In this position you are going to lower yourself slightly off the ground in a push up position and hold yourself for so many seconds. Aim for 30 seconds at first, and keep increasing your time.

Chest Exercises at Home with Household Items

If you want to add some sparkle to your chest workouts at home, then use household items that you have lying about for extra weight. These are something they just about anyone can do with what they have at home.

  1. Chest Press or Chest Fly with Bottles of Water

Have a few gallons of water sitting around? Then use these for this exercise. On your back, hold the waters in your hands and then press up and lower. Keep repeating. If you are not to gallons yet, then us a regular bottle of water in each hand.

  1. Chest Dips with Chairs

With two chairs that are heavy, stand between the two. Put a hand on the back of each chair, then lift your legs and hold yourself up with your arms. Lower and repeat, all the while keeping your legs midair.

With these exercises, there is no excuse not to have the defined chest that you have always wanted.

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