21 January 2020

Cold Weather Accessories for your Winter Workout

Winter temperatures keep many of us indoors for our exercise routine, limiting workout choices, and leading to exercise boredom. Don’t let the weather get to you. All you need is the right gear and a can-do attitude, and you can keep your workouts outside and exciting.

Try these cold weather accessories on for size next time you go out for your winter workout.

Winter Workout Accessories

Try these cold weather accessories on for size next time you go out for your winter workout.

Touchscreen Gloves

It doesn’t matter what brand you buy as long as your new winter workout gloves have a couple of key attributes. First, buy some with grip, so when you’re setting the timer on your smartphone, it doesn’t slip right out of your hands in the cold weather.

Second, get gloves that have a touchscreen capability so you don’t have to take your gloves off in the chilly weather every time you need to access your phone or smartwatch.

Thermal Accelerate Compression Tights

The benefits of these leggings are two-fold. They help protect from muscle damage because they restrict unnecessary muscle movement. They also keep your legs warm in the cold, while not bogging you down with thick, heavy material.

Ponytail Beanie

This one is for all you who need to keep your long hair off your shoulders and your head properly warm when working out in the cold. When a simple headband just won’t do, consider a ponytail beanie.

Cold Layer Vest

When you start a workout in the cold, you may warm up fast. The amount of protection you need decreases as your body is working hard and heating up. Try wearing a cold layer vest made from thin, breathable material in between your base layer and your winter workout jacket.

Neck Gaiter

Scarves are completely impractical when you’re working out hard or on a winter run. Instead, try a neck gaiter to keep your neck warm in the cold weather. This simple accessory will go a long way, especially if you’ve tried working out in the cold weather with your neck exposed to the elements.

How to Work Out in the Winter

If you’ve decided to keep your outdoor workouts going in the winter, good on you! Just remember to keep the following points in mind while doing so.

  • Don’t forget to hydrate. You may not feel thirsty, but your body is working hard to keep you warm, and it will need water.
  • Warm your muscles up before heavy exertion. In the cold, your muscles will need a little extra time to get warm before you begin the main portion of your routine.
  • Wear layers. You’ll feel a hundred times warmer when you near the end of your routine compared to when you first began. Dress in layers so that you can shed them as necessary.

Try these cold weather accessories on for size next time you go out for your winter workout.

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