30 December 2020

Creating A Fitness Habit in Just 4 Weeks? Here's How to Do It!

Did you know that whatever your goal is, you can create a fitness habit in just four weeks? There are four keys to creating a successful and effective training routine that you love and that gets you results. This article will reveal these fitness tips and explain the fastest way to build a fitness habit at home with no equipment.

Fast Results with the Best Fitness App

The 30 Day Fitness app has millions of users who love it for its simple yet intuitive design and how it provides incredible motivation. All you need is 15 minutes a day and a small amount of space, and you can get phenomenal results in just four weeks.

We have received thousands of glowing reviews from our users who wanted to share their incredible fitness stories with us, like this one:

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I was unsure what an app could do that I haven't tried for over 20 years myself, but it is delivering exactly what it promised. I work out shorter and smarter, and I have finally lost inches around my waist. Although I still want to live and do not want to be on a diet, I would love to lose more weight. This was a great asset to that goal. God bless the creators! I am now about six months into using the app. It has been amazing!!"

The Four Keys to Building a Successful Fitness Habit in Four Weeks

Let's discuss our fab fitness tips - the four keys to building a successful fitness routine in just four weeks.

Key One: Motivation

No matter what type of exercise regime you choose, if you don't feel motivated, you will find yourself making excuses not to exercise. We have found that the most significant factor in dwindling fitness motivation is not getting results fast enough. With the 30 Day Fitness app, users report faster results in less time. These rapid results are thanks to the way our professional personal trainers have designed our workouts so that you work smarter, not harder.

Awesome app!!!!

I love this app! I have lost 9 lbs since I started this app. I have been trying to lose weight for years... it's finally coming off with this app! I'm soooo excited to continue!!

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Key Two: Challenges

The second key to a successful fitness regime in four weeks is to have your fitness plan mapped out. The 30 Day Fitness app includes a variety of 30-day challenges that target a specific body part, for example, our Belly Fat Blast and Sexy Legs and Butt challenges. Or you can do a whole-body tune-up with our Goddess or Bikini Body programs. These challenges provide excellent results in just 30 days and are the best way to cultivate a regular fitness habit.

Best exercise app/program

I adore this app. The program is unique and adaptable. The workouts are hard enough to get me sweaty and sore and short and easy enough to fit in on busy days! Highly recommend!!!

Key Three: Schedule

Our third fitness tip is to ensure that your chosen workout program will fit into your busy schedule. The great thing about the 30 Day Fitness app is that all you need is a small amount of space and time - it's easy to fit your workout around your other commitments.

I like it!

The biggest barrier to getting a workout routine going for me is the start. These 12–20-minute workouts are great as I can do them in between Zoom calls. No equipment necessary, and I can do additional workouts if I want. I have shed a couple of lbs already. I feel like I'm getting my groove back.

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Key Four: Time

Most people find that time plays a significant factor in their ability to build a successful fitness habit. Thanks to the 30 Day Fitness app, gone are the days of lengthy gym sessions with a commute to and from the gym eating up your precious time. In just 15 minutes, you can get the same results as a gym workout without leaving the comfort of your own home, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Plus, because the app is intuitive, if you do miss a session or two (we are only human, after all, and life happens), the app will check in with you to see if you are happy with the level of intensity and length of your workouts. If necessary, you can modify them to better fit into the time you have available and your current energy level. Genius!

I love this workout app!

I had a hard time sticking to something. This app meets your needs and doesn't push you. It even asks if the workout regimen is too difficult if you miss a day or two. It's great!


If you have lacked fitness motivation in the past and your goal is to build a regular and effective fitness habit, we invite you to try the 30 Day Fitness app today. You can implement each of our top fitness tips and join the millions of happy users who are getting outstanding results in minimal time by using our expertly designed workouts and challenges. See your fitness motivation skyrocket, along with your results, and enjoy a healthier, fitter, happier you.

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