12 December 2020

Groin Muscle Stretches to Improve Your Flexibility

Being flexible is something that many people want to achieve. Why is flexibility so important? When you are more flexible, you will find that injury is less likely to happen, which is always good. Plus, you may find that you simply feel better with less body aches and pain. One of the areas of your body that could probably be more flexible is the groin muscles. Most people are not thinking about stretching their groin or worrying about how a tight groin can affect their overall flexibility.

Why Are Groin Stretches Important?

So, why are groin stretches so important for a person to be including in their workout? When you are stretching the body, you are helping with the blood flow throughout the body. And due to the location of the groin muscles, you will find that this important to maximize the blood flow to the rest of the body. Plus, you will find that groin stretches can help increase the range of the hip joints. The hip joints are responsible for a lot of heavy lifting for people, and they take a lot of damage as you age. The more flexible the groin muscles are, the less likely you will suffer from hip injuries.

Studies have also shown that those who are stretching their groin muscles often have stronger cores. The core is responsible for so much, that you will find that stretching the groin muscles is a small thing to do that is going to make all the difference in your entire body.

When you think about groin stretching, you may be drawing a blank as to what to do. After all, there are tons of exercises that are meant to work other areas of the body, yet you never really hear what you should do with the groin. But, we have you covered with various exercises that are going to stretch and strengthen the groin muscles over time.

How to Stretch the Groin?

For those who are looking to add in groin stretches to their routine, you are not going to be sorry that you did. So, what can you do? Try to add these into your routine.

1. Leg swings

Stand with your feet apart and lift one foot off the ground. Keep your weight on the heel of your standing foot. Then slowly, swing your leg forward, back and behind you in one movement. As you start to loosen up, you can increase the range of motion and the speed you do these. You will want to do this at least 20 times on each leg.

2. Gate stretches

Stand on your left leg while you lift your right leg up. Raise the right knee to hip level, turn it out and open away from the body. You will feel this stretch. Then bring you knee back and around to the front and lower your leg. Repeat this 1 to 3 times per leg to get the most of this stretch.

3. Crossover stretched

Stand with your feet hip width apart, then step to the left with your left foot. Then swing your right foot around in front of your left leg. Step to the left again with your left food and repeat in the other direction. If you know what the grapevine dance move is, this is basically what you are doing, just a bit faster, so don’t be scared to turn on some tunes.

4. Lunge stretch

Take a wide stance with your feet turned out. Then bend the left knee and lunge to the left to stretch the inner muscles. Go back to standing position and repeat to the other side. You will want to repeat this around 3 times.

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