4 December 2020

How Many Calories Does 100 Push Ups Burn?

A staple exercise that works those arms great, while also helping to work your overall body is push ups. Those who do push ups often think about this is building up their muscles. They often don’t consider that push ups do help you to burn calories. But, just how many calories does this exercise burn?

How many calories does a push up burn?

When you do 100 push ups, you are going to find that this burns around 30 to 50 calories. While this doesn't seem like a lot, you are going to find that the benefits of push ups is what makes this an exercise that you should do in your daily workout. And within a week of doing 100 push ups you will burn around 240 calories per week, which can add up throughout the month.

Benefits of push ups

While push ups may not burn that many calories, you are going to find that the benefits of push ups is what makes them something to have in your daily workout routine. What you will find is that push ups strengthen a lot of muscles. When most people think of doing push ups they are only thinking that this helps with the arm muscles, which is most definitely does. But, push ups are also good for the chest muscles, the shoulders and the lat muscles located on your back.

Plus, when you do push ups, you find that that they often help with muscles that are associated with the plank position. These muscles include the abs and buttocks. In fact, for those who are looking to get a flatter stomach, they will find that push ups can often be better than planks, since it is engaging your ab muscles in different ways throughout the movement.

Some other benefits of doing push ups include:

  1. Helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system since this does involve not only lifting your bodyweight but doing this in a repetitive way that is going to get the heart pumping.
  2. When you do push ups you will find that it can improve your posture through strengthening these muscles, which in turn can help with common back aches and tension that is carried in the shoulders.
  3. Some studies are showing that a push up is going to help with testosterone production which both men and women needs in their bodies.

Push up variations

We all know the regular push up, but did you know that there are tons of push up variations that can help to target specific muscles in the body? Here are some of the best that you can add into your workout:

  1. Modified push ups: This is a modified push up where you put your knees on a mat, then roll to the top of the knee caps with the feet crossed behind it. It can be a great option for beginners.
  2. Single leg push up: This is going to challenge the core muscles even more. When you do this get into the regular push up position, and after you are up, then raise one leg up from the floor, lower and repeat with the other leg.
  3. Incline push up: Have something that you can put onto the floor which you will place your hands on, a medicine ball is a great option. Then do the regular push up, but in an incline position.
  4. Widen push up: With this push up, you are in regular position with the change being that you place your hands wider than shoulder length apart. You will find that this widen stance works the arm muscles even more.

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