11 November 2020

How To Burn More Fat During A Workout

Losing weight isn’t always easy… And we’d all love to know how to burn more fat during a workout! The truth is, there are styles and ways of working out that will promote more fat loss than others.

Whether you’re just starting out on your fat loss journey or you’ve hit a plateau and you’re struggling to shred more weight, we have the tips you need as well as the answers to some frequently asked fat loss questions.

Do you burn more fat with more muscle?

Let’s start with a commonly asked question… Are there some body types that are able to burn fat more easily than others? Mainly, do you burn more fat if you have more muscle?

The short answer is yes. People with more muscle will naturally burn more calories so will find it easier to get into a calorie deficit (where they are consuming less calories than they burn) and consequently lose weight.

However, the more complex thing is that oftentimes, people will want to hold onto that muscle whilst burning fat.

The result of this is that more muscular people will need to approach fat loss in a very similar way to others- slowly and steadily, with the understanding that there are no quick fixes. With that in mind, there are still several ways to speed up fat loss when working out.

Does exercise in the morning burn more fat?

The first way to burn more fat during a workout is to workout in the morning. Because your body has been fasting and doesn’t have access to carbohydrates for energy, it will look to burn fat instead. Whilst a workout at any time of day is effective, studies show that working out within 30 minutes of waking up can really torch fat, whilst still allowing you to hold on to muscle mass if a correct diet is maintained throughout the day.

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Tips to burn more fat:

Other ways to burn more fat during a workout include:

  • Experiment with high intensity interval training. Working out for short, intense bursts can actually result in more fat loss.
  • Increase the intensity of your workouts week on week. No matter what style of workout you’re doing, increasing the pressure you put your body under is key.
  • Put your all into each movement. This sounds like a simple tip but it’s truly effective! Give each workout everything you’ve got and reap the rewards later.

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