1 May 2019

How to do a proper squat: a guide for beginners

At some point, you have probably seen people doing squats at the gym or heard someone talking about the importance of knowing how to do squats correctly.

If you have ever wondered how to do a perfect squat or perhaps would like to incorporate squats into your workout routine, it is important to first learn how to perform a perfect squat. It is vital to first learn how to do squats to ensure you do them properly, get the most out of move, and avoid injury.

How to do a proper squat:

  1. Begin by standing upright with feet wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed outwards.
  2. Bend at your both your knees and hips, while maintaining a flat back and squeezing your butt and abs.
  3. Keeping your knees in line over your 2nd toes, continue to lower yourself without pulling on your neck with your arms until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  4. Press your heels into the ground and slowly return to a straight standing position.
  5. Repeat subsequent reps.

If you need support in developing good squatting form, protect your back and the rest of your body by practicing with stability ball wall squats.

To do a stability ball wall squat, place a stability ball against the wall and lean against it, making contact with your tailbone and lower back. Gently lean into the ball, inhale, and slowly lower your body by leaning into the ball. Then exhale, keep your core engaged as you lean into the ball, and return to a standing position.

Why squats?

A proper squat improves your lower body mobility and strengths your legs, glutes, and abdominals. Since it engages your entire lower body, it is one of the most time-effective moves.

Squats also help you form the habit and movement of using your lower body to do everyday tasks, such as picking up heavy objects, rather than your back. So when you get to pick up a box, grocery bag or even a child, use the same supportive form as you would to perform a squat!

How often to do squats?

Depending on your workout routine, aim to do squats a couple of times a week. Start out by doing 20 squats or 2 sets of 10 squats per session so you can first perfect your form.

Overall, you will really feel your lower body strengthening as you consistently do squats, as well as greater stability and support through your core and back.

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