14 March 2020

How to Get Toned Legs

Toned legs that you see in magazine spreads are not just for fitness models. You can have toned legs even if you are not going to the gym numerous times per week. The key is to get a workout routine and diet that is going to help you achieve those toned legs that will be picture perfect.

Workout Routine

There are several exercises that need to be a part of your workout routine when you are on the adventure to get toned legs. Here are a few that must be included:

  • Lunges: When these are done right, they are going to be great for toning your legs. You can add in a few hand weights to add even more benefits to these lunges, such as working on toning the arm muscles.
  • Wall sits: This is going to strengthen the muscle groups in your thighs so that they are stronger, the muscle grows, which adds to the toned leg look you are wanting to have.
  • Squats: Similar to a wall sit, doing squats requires movement. You can add even more definition to this by using a weight that you hold to your chest while squatting.
  • Single leg deadlift: With this move it helps to build the glutes and can help with strengthening the leg in general. Do this standing up, and lift one leg behind you, hold it and repeat for both sides. You can even add weight to make this even more challenging.


While working out is going to get you the legs that you have always wanted, what you are putting into your body is going to affect your toned legs as well. Remember, you are what you eat. For those who wonder how to get toned legs, it is a lot of exercise, but also monitoring your diet.

Those who want to get toned legs should eat more lean meats and fish for their protein. While also limiting dairy to small amounts. You will want to eat the fresh fruits and vegetables too in order to get a balanced diet. Remember, the more lean protein you take in, the better your muscles are going to be. You will also find that drinking plenty of water and eliminating those carbs that are found in sodas and the like is going to help you get that glow that is always associated with tone legs.

Tone legs are just a step away for those who want to commit to these life changes.

Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

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