16 March 2020

How to Improve Your Balance: 4 tips

Are you one of those people that seem to trip over everything when walking? There may be nothing on the floor but your balance is so poor that you trip anyways. Having poor balance can affect people in ways that they may not fully understand. For example, they may find it harder to practice certain types of exercises like Yoga. Or they may find that they are constantly getting hurt, because they are falling so much. Balance is something that you can easily work on though, so that you can get the type of finesse that you have always wanted while doing anything.

Ways to Improve your Balance

For those who are wondering how to improve your balance, the answer is pretty simple: you have to work at it. There are several exercises that you can do that are all about improving your balance. Remember, you are not only doing this for you now, you are doing this for your future self. When a person gets older and has balance issues, this can lead to other health issues.

1: One legged balance

This is a beginner move that is where you should start. You are going to want to keep a chair within arm’s reach to avoid falling. Put your feet together and pick up one foot with the knee facing the other side. Hold this position, then switch sides. Keep repeating this for four reps each.

2: Leg swings

Stand with your feet together, then put your arms at your side, take the right leg and move it backward and forward. You can touch the toes to the ground as you go from back to forward, if needed. Keep your torso tight to help add stability to this move. Then repeat for the other foot.

3: Consider Tai-Chi

Consider doing some tai-chi movements. You can easily find introductory videos that can help start this practice. It is a slow moving exercise that has been shown to help greatly with balance.

4: Eyes closed, one leg up

For those who are dealing with super bad balance, you may find that a great beginning pose is to stand with your eyes closed, then raise one leg off the ground and hold it. Many times, once the sight is not included, the balance becomes even worse. If you start to fall though, open your eyes to avoid an accident.

If you are worried about your balance, these exercises can gradually help you to get better, and they are worth the time to do.

Photo by Form on Unsplash

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