18 September 2019

How to prevent lower back pain from running

If you are a runner or are looking to get into running, you have probably heard about how important proper form and preparation is to avoid injury as well as to get the most efficient run in terms of a workout. Running is a high impact form of exercise so it is especially important to take proper care. The best method to take care of your lower back, for example, is to prevent lower back pain from the start to your greatest extent rather than having to deal with the consequences of lower back pain later on.

So let’s go on to learn ways you can protect your back and how to prevent lower back pain from running.

How to prevent lower back pain when running

1. Always warm-up first

Before starting out with a run, at any pace, it is crucial to begin with a warm-up. This ‘wakes up’ your muscles and gets them ready to run.

2. Stretch

How to prevent lower back pain when running: do some stretches

Stretching is important to help improve your flexibility and give your muscles the chance to work themselves out. Your hamstrings are especially important to stretch out to prevent lower back pain. If you have tight hamstrings, it is certain that you will feel it to some extent in your back! So really take the time to roll them out and take that pressure of your back.

3. Strengthen your surrounding muscles

Your core, hips, glutes, and hamstrings are the main muscles that surround your back. This means that if one of the above muscles aren’t ‘carrying their weight’, your back muscles have to pick up the slack. So to prevent lower back pain, it is important to keep these muscles strong so that they stay fully engaged and capable while on a run so your back does not carry extra stress. Stronger muscles have greater capability to hold the body upright and stable.

4. Consider your shoes

There are many running shoe options out there that are tailored for your type of running, or workout in general. Proper footwear can make a significant impact on your physical health as it gives you the best support possible. So before taking to the trails or the treadmill, take some time to find the best footwear that fits your foot and needs to help prevent injury.

Running is an overall freeing and enjoyable way to burn calories, reduce stress, stay fit and get moving. These tips, mainly focused on strengthening your body and improving your flexibility, help to support your physical body so you can continue to enjoy your runs and movement in general without pain or achiness.

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