17 February 2021

Muscle Building Workout: More Reps or More Weights?

When you are looking to build muscle, many people have different ideas as to what is going to work. Should you do more weight in order to build up those muscles? Or should you do more reps of the same weight that you are working with? The answer to this usually depends on who you ask. But, what is the proper way to build muscle?

Is it better to do more reps or more weight?

A recent study that was done on this type of muscle workout found that more reps or more weight can both help in building muscle. Those who do a lighter weight but with more reps, such as 20 to 25 reps find that they were building just as much muscle as someone who did a heavier weight at 8 to 12 reps. Therefore, you could get the same results with a lower weight for more reps. The choice is really up to you. However, remember that lifting heavier weights when you are not really ready for this weight can result in injury to your muscles, which would put you off from weightlifting for a few days or even weeks, depending upon the injury.

Muscle building workout to do at home

With many people staying home these days, the key is to find a workout at home that is going to workout those muscles and build them up. Luckily, there are several exercises that you can do that are going to use your own body weight and help to build those muscles.

  1. The classic push up: These are going to be great for working your arms, legs and even your core.
  2. The Plank: Hated by many people, the plank is still one of the best overall exercises that you can do that is going to work your entire body. You will find that as you get stronger you can simply hold this position for longer working almost all the muscles in your body.
  3. Bicep curls: Lifting something to workout your biceps is easy at home, even if you don’t have weights. You will find that you can use several things around your home that are going to do the weight for you, such as water bottles, gallon jugs of water or milk, etc.
  4. Squats: While squats may not be much fun, they are a great workout for your legs. You can use a wall for leverage if needed!

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