25 February 2020

Muscle Building: Light Weights or Heavy Weights?

When you think about muscle building, what comes to mind immediately? Chances are you are thinking about those who go to the gym and lift hundreds of pounds. They often look like someone that is in a magazine that is known for their tough looks and amazing muscle mass. They often don’t have a single ounce of fat on their bodies. However, for many people the idea of muscle building is more about getting into shape and not about becoming the next muscle model. For those who are looking to get healthy, which is better lifting light weight or heavy weights for the best results?

The Results May Surprise You

We have long thought that muscle building is better aided when you use extremely heavy weights. After all, if you are able to lift heavy weights, your muscles are going to start bulging. However, a  new study has found that lifting both light or heavy weights is going to build your muscle.

With this being said, there are some slight differences between heavy and light weights that can make your decision as to which to train with easier:

  • Lighter weights are going to help with endurance as well as building up the muscles
  • The heavier the weights you go with the more strength these muscles are going to have. For example, someone who lifts 200 pounds will obviously have more muscle strength than those who lift 70 pounds.
  • The results are all tied up with the reps that you are able to perform

Building Muscle Tips

For those who are confused as to which they should use, you are not alone. Since we all thought that heavier weights meant more muscle building, which should you do? What many professionals recommend is that you have a day for lighter weights to help increase your endurance, then train another day with heavier weights to build your strength. This way, you are getting overall muscle building that is going to show. Remember:

  • Do more reps with a lower weight to get results
  • Do not overdo the heavier weights, as this can lead to injury
  • Always keep your form to benefit the muscle groups better

For those who are ready to build muscle, have some fun with this and make it a personal challenge. You will find that lifting weights can be a great way to feel the burn of your workout, and it can be even more fun when you workout with a friend.

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