18 September 2020

Outdoor Exercises for the Ultimate Park Workout

Who doesn’t love spending some time outdoors? Most people do. In fact, studies have shown that getting outside is a great way to enhance your mood and stay healthy. For those who have an exercise routine, instead of being stuck inside, why not exercise outdoors at the park? Not only are you getting a dose of fresh air, but you are still getting the benefits of working out.

Are outdoor activities a good workout?

There are tons of outdoor activities that are going to be a great workout. And they have the added benefit of being something that you are not normally doing. Thus, you may find that you get better results, especially if you have been limited to indoor gym equipment for some time. The idea is to do outdoor activities in a safe manner in order to get a good workout.

What exercises can I do outside?

There are tons of exercises that you can do with outdoor activities that are only going to be found outside. Some of the best include:

1: Walking

Simply take a walk around the neighborhood or use the walking trails at your local park. You will find that if walking slow is not enough, then increase this and do some speed walking. To lose weight, walking 60 minutes a day can make a world of difference. Plus, this is not too upsetting to those who have joint issues. The key is to have some good shoes for your walking.

2: Cycling

Drag out your old bike and roam the park trails to get in a good aerobic exercise. Be sure that you are using a bike that is fitted to your body. You don’t want more stress put onto your back or knees while doing this.

3: Jogging or Running

While you can jog or run the trails at your local park, you are going to find that this can be harder on joints if you already have issues. Be sure to invest into a good pair of shoes if you are going to do this.

4: Hike

If your park has some nature around it then take a hike. Since you are going to be going up and down, this is more strenuous than walking, and offers tons of cardiovascular benefits to it, while also allowing you to become closer to nature.

If you are going to be going outdoors, simply find activities that are outdoor only and do them...it can be a nice change up to your regular workout.

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