14 February 2020

Plyometric Exercises for Beginners

When looking at the numerous workout routines out there, a person will find that there are tons to choose from. And one of those types of exercises that you can opt to use is plyometric exercises. However, there are several people that may not even be aware of what these exercises are or how they benefit you.

What are Plyometric Exercises?

Plyometric exercises were designed by Soviet countries during the Cold War. They were meant to increase speed and power, to make the perfect soldier. These exercises are designed to help develop muscular strength, while using explosive movements to increase your speed. These exercises contain three phases. These phases are the first which contains the rapid muscle lengthening movement. Then comes a short resting period. Then the movement phase. Each of these exercises are repeated in a three part cycle, as fast as you can to get the most benefit of these. For beginners, you will want to do 3 sets of 12 reps each on these exercises.

5 Plyometric Exercises for Beginners

For beginners, they are going to find that there are several plyometric exercises in which they can do. However, when starting, you want to start with something that you can easily accomplish. Once you have established your workout routine, you can always mix this up to include something that is a bit more difficult.

  1. Squat Jumps: Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Squat down and then take a deep breath, and jump as high as you can. Then immediately start the process over again.
  2. Lateral Jumps: Put down something that you can easily jump to the opposite side of. Then jump from one side, jump to the other and keep these up doing your jumps as quickly as possible.
  3. Power skipping: For those who remember skipping, this is the same concept. But, you are going to want to put a bit more power behind it. You will want to skip, but jump and lift your knees as high as you can get it.
  4. Plyometric push up: This is a normal push up with a bit of a twist. Once you lower yourself to the floor, take a deep breath and push up with all your strength. You want to do this so powerful that your hands leave the floor.
  5. Box Jumps: For this exercise, you need a box that is at least 18 inches off the ground and is sturdy enough to jump onto. You will want to jump onto the box, then immediately back down the floor and repeat. You will want to do this as fast as possible.

Plyometric exercises for beginners is a great way to get in shape and do this fast.

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