25 January 2020

Proper way to do sit ups

One of the most common exercises out there is sit ups. However, you would be surprised at just how many people are doing these wrong. There is a proper way to do sit ups that is going to maximize the benefit that you get from doing these and reduces your chances of injury.

Ways to do sit ups: What you need to know

For those who are looking for the proper way to do sit ups, they first need to know why they need to know the proper method. Did you know that by doing these improperly you could cause a strain on the neck muscles, which leads to many problems in daily life and could hurt you for years to come, especially if you continue to do these sit ups wrongly. In addition, when you are doing a sit up in the correct fashion, it is going to work your ab muscles even better, allowing you to see results.

To ensure that you are doing your sit ups properly, here are the steps to follow with each rep that you do!

  1. Lie on your back on a padded surface to avoid injury to your lower back. You can opt to use a fitness ball as well, though those who are new to sit ups may want to keep with the traditional floor routine.
  2. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.
  3. Cross your arms in front of your chest with your right hand rests on your left shoulder, and the left hand rests on your right shoulder.
  4. You can alternatively lace your fingers behind your head and place these on the back of the head if you would prefer this position.
  5. Contact your abdominal wall and visualize your belly button coming towards your spine. You do not want any arch in your back.
  6. Lift your head, shoulders and rib cage up towards your bent knees.
  7. Exhale as you come up, then inhale as you go back down.
  8. Make sure that the movements are slow and controlled to get the most benefit from this exercise.

The proper way to do sit ups is going to result in you getting more definition in your abdominal area than if you were to do this wrong. Doing these wrong may make you wonder why you are not getting the definition that you had hoped to get. However, it is all about your form!

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