18 December 2019

Squat challenge: different types of squats

The squat is a perfect all-round exercise which works multiple muscle groups - allowing you to get the best ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to working out. There’s plenty of different types of squats out there too, meaning you can add variety into your workouts.

Firstly, there’s the body weight squat. As the name suggests, this is a squat which utilises your body’s weight as a form of resistance. The benefit of these is that they can be performed anywhere, any time and don’t need any equipment.

However, you can also use weights too if you have access to them. You can use a bar or dumbbells, or even using resistance bands – whichever you prefer. If you decide to go for the bar option, then there are two ways to perform the squat movement. You can either perform front squats with the bar resting on the front side of your shoulders, or the traditional back squat in which the bar is placed across your upper back.

To make the most out of your squat workouts, it can be a good idea to follow a squat challenge. To get things started, you can follow a 10 day squat challenge - performing 3 sets of 10 reps per day, adding an extra set each day as you become more advanced.

You could also choose the 30 minute squat challenge. Essentially, what you need to do is hold the squat position for as long as you can. Start by holding the movement for 1-2 minutes, and by the end of the challenge, you should be able to comfortably hold the position for around 8-10 minutes at a time.

Does the 30 day Squat Challenge Work?

If you’re hoping to find out the answer to the question - does the 30 day squat challenge work? Then in this section, you’ll find out exactly that. Put simply, if you are consistent, it is most definitely possible to achieve great results.

If you’d like to go a step further, then following a 30 day ab and squat challenge is a perfect way to tone your body and strengthen your core muscles. Performing a squat challenge alongside regular abs workouts will send you a long way to achieving a lean and muscular physique - so long as you are consistent. Although, you’ll also need to remember to pay attention to your diet too!

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