8 April 2020

The Best Shoulder Exercises for Women

When it comes to exercising and building muscles in the shoulders, women often need a different set of exercises than what men are doing. Why is this? Often they are not looking to become the hulk, they are simply wanting to tone up and lose the fat in the arms and shoulders. With this being said, here are some of the best shoulder exercises for women. They could be a great way to start your fitness challenge app competition.

Band Pull-Apart

With a pilates band or even a towel, put this into your hands and clench this with your fists. Stand with your arms out in front of you, then start to pull against the band. You want to do this as wide as you can, but keep the control in this motion. Then slowly release and repeat. If you find that the resistance is not enough, then put your hands closer together on the band to make this tighter.

Pike Push Up

For those who know yoga, they are going to find that this is like a downward dog. Get into the regular pushup position, then pull your butt to the sky and form a V with your body. With your arms not fully stretched out, push up and back down, all while maintaining this V formation with your body.

Superman T-Raise

Lay flat on the floor, with your arms out to the side to form a ‘T’. Then take a deep breath and use your core, arch your back and bring your chest and legs off the floor, also be sure that your arms are coming up as well. Hold this for a few seconds, then repeat. It works the shoulders and several parts of your body.

Lateral Rise

With hand weights, you are going to want to start with your arms down to your sides. Then inhale and lift both arms to the sides so that your arms are straight out to the sides. Keep repeating this for a few sets of 10.

Side Plank

Lay on the floor in the pushup position, then drop to one side and push yourself up with one arm, holding the position. Hold this for a few seconds, and go back to a regular push up position, then repeat the movement with the other arm.

For those who want defined shoulders, this is how you can get these. And most of these exercises can be done at home.

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